Turks & Caicos Marriage Requirements


A perfect life begins with a destination wedding in Turks and Caicos Islands. Beautifully set among some of the world’s tropical scenes of exotic flora and fauna, not to mention the wonderful beachfront properties. Turk and Caicos is where dreamy wedding begins with a twist of Caribbean flair.

Ideal to invite a few friends and family, Turks and Caicos allows you the ultimate experience of a picture-perfect setting. A wonderful Caribbean destination, Turks and Caicos is situated in the British West Indies, over 500 miles from Miami. The clear turquoise waters translate a combination of 8 main islands and about 30 cays and isles of landscape to play with.

Sheltered by waters from the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Turks and Caicos Islands Marriage Requirements are easy to follow. Starting with the selection of a date, head for the islands and ensure that you are a resident for at least 72 hours. Once this is done, you need to apply for a marriage licence at the Registrar General for Special Licenses; a fee of about $50 is also required.

During this time if you have not choose the perfect location for your wedding you can do so with the help of an island wedding planner. These island wedding planners will help you tend to all the legal details. In most cases, couples can easily plan the whole wedding from home, via internet or telephone.

The wedding ceremony can take place at any time after the marriage license has been granted; this process usually takes 2-3 days to complete. However, the application for marriage license must be made by a Marriage Officer. This person is usually a pastor or minister that has a government license to perform marriage ceremonies. In addition, the marriage must be performed by a Marriage Officer.
You will need to provide the following documents of originality to the Marriage Officer:

Original documents must be given in person are: Passport, Original Birth Certificate, proof of marital status, (if single a sworn confirmation is required). If one of the parties is a divorcee, then a Divorce Decree is required, either the original or a notarized copy, sealed by a court clerk.
In the case of a widow/widower a Death Certificate of the previous spouse is required. Change of name by Deed Poll or Adoption is also required.
If the couple is getting married is under the age of 21, a written consent from one or both parents or guardian, with an official declaration stamped by a notary public attached. A letter stating both parties’ occupations, marital status, age as of last birthday, present address of residence and father’s full name, should also be included.

Please note that any Passports or documentation written other than in English should be translated in advance and notarized by the applicable consulate. Please verify with a Turks and Caicos wedding official before planning your marriage in Turks and Caicos Islands.

Renowned as one of the greatest wedding destination in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos offers a wide range of options, from luxury resorts to weddings on the beach at sunset or at the crack of dawn. You can have a day filled with memorable events of amazing flair.

Sneak away to these islands under the Caribbean Sun and plan a wedding of barefoot dreams and lovely surroundings. Tie the knot in love and spend a few extra days rediscovering the treasures of Turks and Caicos Islands.

Turks and Caicos destination weddings are for anyone and are a beautiful way to start your journey of a wonderful life together.
For further details contact:
Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Main Office 649-926-2800