The Perfect Escape Beach Wedding


Perfect Escape Beach WeddingIf you're looking for a truly unique beach wedding, Caribbean beach wedding offers just what you are looking for. Don’t you just love beach weddings? The anticipation, planning and finally getting on the road is half the fun, while tomorrow you will be saying I do’s to the one you love the most. The beaches are wide and beautiful and the natural scenery is gorgeous, nothing beats those amazing sunsets over the bay.

True, Caribbean beach weddings represent a realm where the laid-back charm goes hand in hand with beautiful turquoise waters. The ideal place for your destination wedding and honeymoon, weddings on the beach are romantic especially just before the sun sets. Imagine heading to your perfect island for a unique wedding as the guests look in awe while you walk down the aisle. The crystal blue waters creates the perfect backdrop while your groom awaits your arrival, well, its not an impossible dream.

Offering everything from exclusive to secluded spots, Caribbean beach weddings package includes the minister, the reception, your flowers and even the services of their special wedding photographer if you wish. If your island wedding doesn't seem quite memorable enough, there are options to make it even more of a once in a lifetime day. The pleasure of a boat ride to your venue is pretty unique, but you can take it a step further, and arrive in style. You can experience the true beauty of the islands and hire a seaplane to land on the beach, truly romantic isn’t it.  

Perfect Escape Beach Wedding2Of course, heading to the sandy shores you may want to think about a few things. Beach weddings are dreamy and can cost a hefty sum, you need to set a realistic budget and know what you have to spend. If possible insure your wedding, depending on when you go the hurricane may hit. Ensure to create a website for your wedding where you can keep guests informed about details, post links to local attractions. Send save the dates as soon as you know the location and day to give guests plenty of time to make arrangements.

Do planning trips, take time to visit the location, meet with your planner and check out accommodations options for your guest. Also check out where you’d like to have the rehearsal dinner, cocktail party, ceremony, and reception. You won’t want to discover that your intimate beach wedding is smack in the middle of a public beach.

Perfect Escape Beach Wedding1After your perfect beach escape wedding, retire to the luxury honeymoon cottage to enjoy the romance of this idyllic setting for a night or two. Spend your days relaxing on the beach, exploring the island, or snorkeling through the unspoilt reefs before heading back home.

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