Puerto Rico Marriage Requirements


Puerto Rico Weddings Being the island of enchantment, you can plan your dream wedding on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.
This island offers a perfect destination for an exotic and charming wedding in a variety of scenic areas, such as the largest rainforest in the Caribbean, El Yunque. With its wide array of flora and fauna it is no wonder why this is one of the most sought after wedding destinations in the world. The island’s large mountain ranges provide the perfect back drop for that special day. Visualize getting married in the oldest historical city in the Caribbean surrounded by many different cultural influences.

In order to get married in Puerto Rico, you need a marriage license and your wedding solemnized by a Puerto Rican minister, priest or marriage officer who is normally a judge. However, the Health Department of Puerto Rico is responsible for issuing marriage certificates. Both of you must present a valid photo identification or passport; a blood test from a certified laboratory in Puerto Rico within 10 days of the wedding date, a doctor will then sign and certify your marriage certificate; if applicable, if either of you were divorced or widowed, a final divorce decree or death certificate must be produced.

You can get a marriage certificate in advance from the Puerto Rico Health Department by calling 787- 767-9120, or for further information. After which you can visit the Demographic Registry to obtain the marriage license, and buy two license stamps that costs about $30. You will receive your license with in ten days. There is no citizenship requirement in Puerto Rico, but both of you must be present at all time when going through the process of applying. If you are under the age of 18 you must receive parental consent to marry. Also once your documents are in order you may be married at the Judicial Center with costs that range from US$150 to 200 per ceremony.

With Puerto Rico’s colorful environs and remarkable sunsets, there’s no better place to be swept away in natural beauty on your special day.