Martinique Marriage Requirements


Martinique Wedding Martinique is one of the most gorgeous tropical destinations in the Caribbean to have your wedding. Martinique offers exquisite flora and fauna with several beautifully arranged back drops to please any bride to be. You can choose to be married on a lovely white sandy beach at sunset or at any of their wonderful plantations on the island. If you decide to marry in Martinique, ensure you hire a good wedding planner that specializes in Martinique marriage requirements; this person will be able to harmonize all your special requirements for all who will be present and partaking in your wedding.

Prior to choosing Martinique for your wedding, you must be living on the island for about a month and be able to present a residency card as proof from immigration department issued upon arrival on the island. All documents must be translated into French, be able to produce original copies of both your birth certificates with raised seal attached, and an authenticated proof of citizenship. A blood test is required for all couples and must be issued at least three months prior to the wedding date.

It is good to know that there are no fees required and documents called “Bulletin de Marriage” and “Livret de Famille” will be given to you at the ceremony. It is also recommended that you confirm the marriage requirements of this island before you leaving to this amazing Caribbean paradise, by contacting the Tourism Office of Martinique at Rue Ernest Deproge, 97200 Fort-de-France, Fort de France, Martinique; telephone 596- 6379-60 and fax 596-7366-93 or email at info@martinique.org

Other documents you might need are a final decree of divorce if either of you were married before or if applicable a death certificate if either of you are widowed, make sure all documents are in French and validated. If you want a specific religion wedding this must be perform in a church by the minister of your religion, however additional documents are needed such as a letter from your country’s resident minister. The cost for a marriage officer may vary from person to person and take as much as US$80.

So, go head and plan your dream destination wedding in Martinique and be enthralled by its own prestige warmth under the Caribbean sun.