Jamaica Wedding/Marriage Requirements


Jamaica Wedding The island of Jamaica is one of the most commonly used wedding destinations in the Caribbean, as the Jamaican regulations make it very easy for you to do so. It will only take you 24 hours to get your marriage license and have your Jamaican wedding, providing that prior applications were made in time. You can hire a wedding planner to assist you with planning a fabulous wedding.

Filling your wedding desires in Jamaica does not require for couples to take a blood test, this allows you to have your perfect wedding right after you have arrive. Listed below are two places you need to apply for your marriage license and access any other forms needed:

The Ministry of Justice Registrar Generals Department
Mutual Life Building North Tower & NCB Towers Twickenham Park
2 Oxford Road St. Catherine
Kingston 5 Tel: (876) 984 3041- 5
Email: www.rgd.gov.jm or agminister@moj.gov.jm Fax:(876) 749 6457
Tel: 906-2414-7 Email: information@rgd.gov.jm

Marriage officers are readily available all over the island and their cost to perform weddings may vary from parish to parish. The cost for a Jamaican marriage license is $200; however marriage officers can charge from US$50-$250 to perform the ceremonies. Nevertheless, the arrangement remains mostly the same, you will be required to have both original copies of your passport or birth certificates, proof of citizenship with photos attached and signed by a notary public in your country, be older than 18 years or have a written consent from your parents if you are under age.

If your country of origin does not speak English you will be required to have all relevant documents be legalized by your embassy that represents your government in Jamaica. After the ceremony, a certified copy will be sent to your embassy by the marriage officer, after this your marriage process will be complete and your union will be seen as a legal union in your country or any where in the world. To receive your marriage certificates, this will take at least 4-8 months after your wedding to be completed.

Planning your Jamaican wedding can be an exciting to experience, so once you have set the date go ahead and travel to this island paradise and have your picture-perfect wedding.