Dominican Republic Marriage Requirements


Dominican Republic Weddings So you have set a date for your wedding, make your plans in the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic provides a unique background that makes any weddings in this Caribbean country a blast. Getting married in another country is a wonderful experience but the language or customs dissimilarities could be a fascinating one to witness. If you choose to have a civil ceremony in Dominican Republic, you will need to meet with the parish priest and show all valid documentation for your wedding to run smoothly.

It is important that you verify all information with the Dominican Republic marriage license office before making any wedding plans. It is best to get all the paper work done and out of the way at least six months before the actual wedding date. If you have been married or widowed, you will have to present the final decree of divorce or a copy of the death certificate. Both your witnesses must be older than18, the legal age for marriage in the Dominican Republic is 15 years for women and 16 for men, no parental consent is need. Your marriage certificate is legal and accepted everywhere in the world.

One of the most important legal requirements to marry in the Dominican Republic is for you to write to the Dominican Republic consulate in your country and get the permission before you travel. If you are not a citizen of the island, ensure you and your partner has a copy of your passport with you, be able to produce both original copies of your birth certificates. A status affidavit is needed to confirm both martial statuses with proof of age attached. The cost to marry in Dominican Republic is $10,000 Peso, if both of you are foreigners. If one of you is a citizen the cost is $5,000. All documents must be in Spanish and a processing fee of $20 Dominican Peso is required.

Your marriage will be recorded in the civil registry and if you decide on a civil marriage, a priest must still send a copy to the Official of the Civil State to be registered. It will be validated by your consulate in Dominican Republic and will take about a month to get your original copies.

As the Caribbean sun sets over Dominican Republic with a lovely tropical gardens by the shore lines; this perfect setting, is the main reason why so many couples choose to tie the knot in the Dominican Republic.