Cuba Marriage Requirements


Cuba WeddingsGetting married on the historical island of Cuba can be a hassle, if you do not understand the ins and outs. The ceremony itself is quite modest, because of the laws and regulations that govern the country, as the island is a communist country, wedding ceremonies are not so sacred. In fact, Cuban marriages are measured as being mainly civil, as no celebration happens during the ceremony; the celebrations are normally before or after. A parade of the family, guests and members of the wedding party takes place on their way to the venue. Plenty of enjoyment comes along with the procession, which makes it very expensive to attend weddings in Cuba.

Visitors are required to present the following documents; the birth certificates of both parties, the passports of both parties. If previously married a notarized copy of the final decree must be produced. If you are widowed a certified copy of the death certificate must be presented, please note that these documents must be in Spanish and validated by the Cuban Consulate in the country where they were issued. Please note that Cuban Consulate also provides a translation service of documents to be used in Cuba, however the original documents need to be legalized in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before sending the documents to The Cuban Consulate. Only civil wedding ceremonies are permitted in Cuba. All the documents must be received 12 weeks prior to your arrival.

Couples need to be in Cuba at least three working days before wedding and if you are marrying a Cuban citizen, there are additional requirements that can take up to several weeks to process. The wedding ceremony can be performed by the Registrar or the Deputy Registrar in the Registrar’s office, or by a Civil Marriage Officer at an appointed place and time, between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm. Your marriage will be solemnized in the name stated on your passport, so ensure the correct name is in your passport. It takes between three to five months to receive your marriage certificate after the ceremony.

A Cuban wedding is an exciting event for couples, so plan you special day in this Spanish island paradise.