Belize Marriage Requirements


Belize Marriage RequirementsWeddings in Belize are easy to organize, with their well designed Belizean laws. Preparing for your Belizean wedding, you will be offered many options to choose from, so ensure that you get all the help from a professional with exceptional skills in Belizean weddings. Visualize tying the knot in a land of an old Mayan ceremonial site or in the pristine tropical garden.

The requirements for getting married on this lovely landscape are, couples must live in Belize at least three days and on the fourth day you can apply for your license. The license will be signed by the Justice of the Peace to be authenticated and you can collect it about a week later. The cost for the marriage license is US$100 and US$5 for all other clerical fees. No blood test is needed and you will need two witnesses. However you can apply before you arrive by faxing both sets of documents to the Registrar General’s Office in Belize City at 011-501-227-0085 or by phoning 011-501-227-7377 or 011-501-227-2053 with all your documents validated.

The Belizean Tourism Offices also provide facts about planning your perfect wedding in Belize; from the best place to have your wedding to choosing the right marriage officers. The contact for the tourism office is New Central Bank Building, Level 2, Gabourel Lane, Belize City, Belize, by phoning 011-501-223-1913 or toll free 1-800-624-0686, for fax your information 011-501-223-1943, email info@travelbelize.org

Bring along all the following original documents with you to plan your wedding and to attain your marriage certificate; proof of citizenship by producing a valid passport or birth certificate with a raised seal or signed by a notary public (must include father’s name), proof of divorce, if applicable or death certificate if you are widowed.

Say I do in tropical paradise, with breathtaking beauty surrounding you a mix of romance and adventure for your perfect wedding day in Belize awaits you.