Wicked Wickedly Sweet Weekend Spots


Life is wicked, wickedly sweet in the Caribbean and due to its charming location you will find alluring weekend spot to just relax and enjoy your getaway. Avoid the busy resort area and stay at one of these unique, wickedly sweet weekend spot to enhance your Caribbean experience.

Port Royal, Jamaica
Start your sweet weekend in Port Royal. Nestled just 15-minutes from one of Jamaica’s airport along the southeast area, Port Royal and its old-world charm is where you can explore the historical town. Once branded as the wickedest city on earth, Port Royal offers you a sweet holiday with bits of wicked adventures. Visit the historic Georgian architecture and artifacts that is found throughout the city while you enjoy a mouthwatering seafood delight. Boasting a distinctive appeal, in Port Royal you can relax in the casual settings as the town draws you into its piracy days.

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Cat Island, The Bahamas
Sunny days fill the remotely rustic settings of Cat Island’s in the Bahamas. Covering over 150 square miles, Cat Island caters to your wickedly sweet weekend getaway. Stay among the old Indian campsites, spiritual ruins, beautiful hillsides, thick forest or peaceful caves as the island take you on an unforgettable wicked weekend. Bask in the uniqueness of the island as the charmingly serene takes you along breathtaking spots. Plunge into this exotic island as it pulls you to its wicked attractions. Beyond the gorgeous beaches and natural beauty, the small guesthouses help to create pure and untouched realm as you discover Cat Island.

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Tortuga Island, Haiti
For years one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets has been Tortuga Island. With its powdery white sands beaches and unique landscapes off Haiti’s northwest coast, Tortuga offer you wickedly sweet weekends. The island forms part of Haiti’s vibrant northern coastlines as it was once a pirates haven years ago. Small yet adorable, Tortuga Island is sweet and interesting as it bridges the gap with untouched beauty far from Port-au-Prince. A jungle paradise setting where you can camp out along the coast or stay with a friendly local, Tortuga is filled with canopies of springs and isolated spots that stretch to the wide sandy beaches. Tortuga Island was a pirate hideaway; make it your wicked hideout in the Caribbean.

haiti © by Siri B.L.

La Isabella, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Revered as one of the first Caribbean frontiers in the new world, La Isabelle lay about 28 miles west of Puerto Plata in northern Dominican Republic. The first European town of the Americas, La Isabella is surrounded by a wall and once housed the Columbus’s citadel, which is now in ruins. Explore the town to view the stone buildings with thatch-roofs as you wonder in awe. Incomparable beauty with its archaeological and historical park that borders the bay, La Isabella has two rivers which are covered with lush tropical splendor. Wickedly tempting, La Isabella is very lovely and enticing, as it reminds you of the European first conquest with its historical foundations.

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Amazing sweet and stunning these wickedly unique weekend is where you want to be for a fabulous getaway. Perfectly located on the beautiful shores of the island’s, where it hugs the soft sandy beaches while you savor the Caribbean warm beauty.