Where to Go Shopping in the Caribbean


There are lots of great places to go shopping in the Caribbean. From Belize, Aruba and Curacao to Jamaica, the Bahamas, Barbados,  and Puerto Rico, the Caribbean is a shopping haven with several hot spots for bargains on imported luxury goods.

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On just about every island you will find a variety of stores ranging from modern centers to street vendors who have stalls set up in the marketplace. Here are some of the Caribbean’s must-visit shopping spots where you can find unique items to buy.

St. John’s, Antigua

St. John’s is a place where great shopping can be had. In the main shopping district you can find a collection of stores where British wool, duty-free linens, jewelry and an assortment of luxury goods and craft items can be found.

Antigua shopping

Broad Street Bridgetown, Barbados

Broad Street Bridgetown is where shopping gets to another level. Broad Street is the main shopping district in Barbados, it is also where duty-free shopping holds no abound. This destination is where you will find exceptional bargains on English bone china-ware, watches, perfumes, antiques, handmade goods and many other luxury items. Before you go ensure that you have your passport with you or your plane ticket to get the duty-free bargains.

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International Bazaar & Straw Market, Freeport Bahamas

International Bazaar and Straw Market are two of The Bahamas’ best shopping complexes. Both offer everything imaginable and include an array of vendors, shops, cafes and retail stores. The Bahamas’ Straw Market has an excellent collection of handmade straw items including hats and bags for you to take advantage of.

Shopping adventures in Jamaica

When it comes to shopping in Jamaica, the island has several areas to explore. From tourist hot spots like Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril straight back to Kingston, Jamaica has everything to meet your shopping desires. The island is home to many chic boutiques and duty-free shops that provides great savings on luxury items. Some of Jamaica’s top shopping destinations include Kingston Craft Market, Half Moon Shopping Village, Times Square, Island Centre and Taj Mahal. Be sure to check out the craft vendors and market places for some unique items.


Home to the largest duty free zone in the Caribbean, Curacao’s 57-acre Harbour Duty Free Zone in the capital Willemstad is where your shopping adventures starts and stops. The island is home to a range of sophisticated boutiques and stores where hundreds of merchants sell luxury items like porcelain, crystal, gemstone, jewelry, perfume and beachwear.

Where to Go Shopping in the Caribbean

Whether you are looking for luxury items or you just want a special souvenir to take home with you, the Caribbean has many great choices for shopping on your trip. So don’t miss out on the bargains!

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