When in Jamaica Attractions You Must Visit


Jamaica Attractions You Must VisitWondering where to go when you visit Jamaica? Summer is a good time to watch the most beautiful sunset in Negril. Rick’s Café Negril is the place to see the sun goes down slowly on the horizon; there is no place in the world like this. This is also the time when Jamaica celebrates many of its festivals. While December is cool and the people are usually in a festive mood. The nightlife and other activities are usually at its best, as the island delivers a great Jamaican attraction.

Jamaica attractions are geared to ensure that you experience an exciting Jamaica vacation. From the mineral baths to hot springs, such as  Bath in St. Thomas or Milk River in Clarendon. Jamaica is one of the only three places in the world where the waters naturally glistens in the bay at nights like a million fluorescent lamps each showing off its own brightness. Take a visit to Glistening Water's in Trelawny you will not regret it, as the bay will rejuvenate, energize and heal the body.

You will enjoy the spectacular view overlooking the sparkling blue sea, whose waves makes gigantic cascade of foaming white sprays racing to shore with thunderous sounds. While the cliffs in sheer joy of being a part of Jamaica's interesting unique coastline. Jamaica has some magnificent waterfalls like Dunn’s River Falls which is one of Jamaica's best falls, while others like Mayfield’s, YS Falls, Reach Falls, Somerset or Shaw Park Garden Falls are also worth your visit.

The Outamani experience in Trelawny is a must do attraction to learn more about Jamaica's history and culture. The tour takes about 1 ½ hours, which takes you through various stages in Jamaica's history. At each stage you will see actors playing a character from that time period. Jamaica music is something to experience, listen to one of the islands traditional mento bands, a Jamaican attraction you are sure to come across on your visit. Or get adventurous and stay with a Jamaican family, you will certainly love this experience.

Jamaica’s spectacular attractions can be found all over the island as at echoes corner there is an exciting attraction for you to enjoy. Sea, river and jungle experiences, in the forms of horseback riding, canopy forest adventures, water tubing and kayaking.