Whale Watching in Puerto Rico


The extraordinary Humpback whales visit Puerto Rico every year on their way to the North Atlantic where they mate during the summer months. And in the month of February, you can enjoy whale watching off the west and northwestern coast of Puerto Rico. If you are visiting the town of Rincon, you will see these wonderful yet rare species, as this is one of the best places to spot these adorable creatures. To get a closer view from the island, visit the observation park at the Rincón Lighthouse to see the Humpback whales jump and dive into the warm waters.

Every year Puerto Rico’s west coasts are visited by Humpback whales and if you would choose to see the whales from the sea, whale watching tours are available from El Faro and the Mona Passage. In December whale watching season actually starts and ends in February, although a few sightings can be seen in early March. Enjoy the views of the magnificent whales as they frolic in the waters surrounding Porta Del Sol as this is where the whales enjoy sometime relaxing time. Along the coast of Porta Del Sol are some amazing spot where you can play with the whales, as they are very friendly creatures.

Whale Watching © by Behzad K

These attractive sea creatures allow you to get close as you truly satisfy your whale watching tour in Puerto Rico. Whale watching along the Mona Passage will take you closer to these sea creatures, where you can swim and play with them. Swimming with alongside these gentle giants is an amazing adventure that makes you enjoy your Caribbean vacation like never before. As you get closer to these animals, you will notice that you are surrounding by lots of pleasant whales that are truly majestic. With some measuring up to 50-feet in length and weighing at a surprising 50 tons, you will see them leaping out of the waters every 15-30 minutes.

Whale © by smkybear

The whales rise to the water surface to refill their oxygen supply while providing you with a glimpse before they dive back down to depths of the Caribbean Sea. With their gentle character and large size, seeing a humpback whale is really an awe-inspiring experience in Puerto Rico. For a memorable experience, partake in an exciting whale watching tour while exploring Puerto Rico’s west coast.