Weekend in St. Barts


Indulge in a secluded break and choose St. Barts for a perfect weekend destination. Offering a magnificent allure, St. Barts in the French Antilles, stands out for its charm, relaxing surroundings and a realm of bon vivre. This enchanting little Caribbean isle has the attraction to entertain you for the entire weekend and more. Featuring colonial architecture, Saint-Barthélémy, keeps its elegance, yet the natural, easy and chic fascination, is where you can have the time of your life on a weekend getaway.

St. Barts © by James Temple

First of all, choose the right accommodation, among the various options. You can stay at a deluxe-style cliff resort that gives you private beaches and exotic spots to enjoy. Or you can choose to stay at one of the beautiful resorts, which merges Caribbean style with the European designs for you to get the best of both worlds. If you want a simpler alternative, consider staying at one of the rustic, wooden bungalows to get the laid-back weekend on the isle that you crave.

Kick off your weekend with a visit to one of the wild beaches in the midst of nature, like Saline, Gouverneur, Shell Beach or Colombier. These beaches offer the ultimate dream weekend you are looking for with unspoilt coastlines to bask in the Caribbean sunshine. After a swim, find a cool spot under a shady palm tree as you look at the beauty that surrounds you.

St. Barts © by James Temple

Treat yourself to a sensuous spa treatment among the flawless bays and secluded coves, while the soft sea breeze caresses the body. Entice the taste buds with delicious cuisines from the amazing array of   restaurants on the beaches.  Put some spice in your stay on the isle by indulging in the delicacies of the best Creole traditions. Offering excellent Caribbean cuisines, you can choose from real classic foods to tasty French cuisine with a fusion twist. After dinner, visit the Le ti’ St. Barth club, for the hottest nightlife and parties on the island. Or head to the Yacht Club, for a sophisticated setting with a hip and soft ambiance.

Don’t miss out on an exciting shopping experience in St. Barts. Extravagant and assorted best describes a shopping spree in St. Barts, enjoy your tour of the boutiques for amazing local beauty secrets, adorable  clothing to suit every occasions, not to mention Les bijoux de la Mer with its splendid Tahiti’s black pearls. With their retro packaging and a mixture of spices and flowers, you will have a grand time shopping in St. Barts as it leaves you with unforgettable memories of French Antilles.