Visit Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería Puerto Rico


Visit Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is regarded as one of the most family friendly islands in the Caribbean region. And, as such a visit to the Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería is a must do on your trip to this island. You cannot go to Old San Juan without visiting the Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería.

Situated in Calle Del Cristo in Old San Juan and Torrimar Station in San Juan; the Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería offers a relaxing oasis for the weary traveler. The opening hours for the Calle Del Cristo branch are Sunday to Wednesday 11am to 10pm and Thursday to Saturday 11am to11pm. While the Torrimar Station branch opens Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 10pm and Friday and Saturday 10am to 11pm.

It’s not just about the ice cream; as Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería brings friends and families together in a warm and inviting atmosphere. This company was built as a result of two childhood friends who seek to promote a fabulous product to the liking of others. Imagine sitting in the café eating a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor, while gazing at the murals showing hormone-free cows crunching in lush green meadows.

After a fun-filled day of exploring the wonders of Puerto Rico; you can take a treat to the Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería for some refreshing 32 flavors of ice cream. Some of the more popular flavors to enjoy are the Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Chunky Monkey. While there you can also take pleasure from the variety of authentic treats, such as pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and snacks. A lively disc jockey plays your favorite tunes for you to move to.

Enjoy the many art displays, book and magazines not to mention the internet area. Visit Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería and choose any of their wicked flavors; as this is a great option for an evening out with the family. The place is nicely decorated with a large screen TV. The walls are garnish with famous Olympic star parents, as the walls displays newspaper clippings about her.

The freshly prepared food at this café is great where you can have a wide choice of locally prepared meals. Try the Hummus plate and enjoy eating loads of fresh vegetables, mixed peppers, purple onions, black olives, and carrots. While the Pita pizza is toasted with extra virgin olive oil and multi grains for a pleasing treat. The must have dish of pesto chicken ciabatta is filled with grilled cheese on a freshly made croissant bun, toppled with chicken and vegetables. Another treat to try is nachos made from Doritos with cream cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich; tasty!!!

Visit Ben and Jerry’s Café Galería which has the best ice cream in all of Puerto Rico. This café boasts some of the best creative décor with warm Puerto Rican hospitality; need I say more.