Unique Vacation Ideas Wind Surfing in St. Thomas


St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, offers lots of activities to keep you busy everyday of your trip. You can fly high on an aerial tour or go under the sea scuba diving, get pampered with massages or spend the day hiking. Your St. Thomas holiday is the perfect place to relax but when you want some excitement windsurfing could just be the sport for you. When you learn how to catch the wind just right you will be rocketing through the water in no time.

Windsurfing © by Joe Shlabotnik

The island’s climate and perfect weather make windsurfing an enjoyable sport for you to enjoy the island even more. Imagine the cool Caribbean breeze on your back as you soar across the clear turquoise Caribbean Sea under your feet, exciting isn’t it. St. Thomas has some of the best beaches that are just perfect for windsurfing and exploring the Caribbean waters at any speed. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you will enjoy windsurfing at any of these beaches in St. Thomas.

Vessup Beach

This is a fabulous beginner’s beach for windsurfing as the winds are calm and relaxing. On weekdays this beach is quiet but comes alive on weekends with locals. Located west of Red Hook beach you will have a great day windsurfing at this beach, with memories of the cool Caribbean trade winds at your back.  If you do not have equipment this beach does not have rental facilities, so ensure you get it before you go.

Kite Boarding © by Meg Stewart

Morningstar Beach

Located on Marriott's Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort, this unique beach is where you can rent the equipment and learn to windsurf from a certified instructor. You can also rent a lounge chair, get a drink at the bar, and have some lunch, after exploring the reefs at end to end. While windsurfing you will be able to watch sailboats or even see a cruise ship sail into the harbor.

Sapphire Beach

This is where the lovely Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina are situated on the eastern end of the island. A wonderful beach that offers a stunning view of St. John and the British Virgin Islands, Sapphire Beach is one of the best beaches for windsurfing. A dive shop on the beach will rent windsurfing equipment. After an exciting windsurfing, you can relax on one of the lounge chairs while sipping a fruity cocktail from the beach bar.

Bluebeard's Beach

This quiet and uncrowded beach is known as a superb windsurfing spot. From the shady palm trees to the magnificent views of St. John, you will enjoy your windsurfing vacation in the St. Thomas. Situated next to the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas, Bluebeard's Beach offers a unique windsurfing experience like no other on the island. You can this beach all to yourself, especially on week days.

Hull Bay

This quiet and out-of-the-way beach is located on the northern shores of St. Thomas. The waves are very rough at times and best suites pro windsurfers. However, Hull Beach offers the best waves and great wind for a day of windsurfing on the island. Break from your adventure, and have lunch at the restaurant and bar on the beach.

Brewers Bay

This unspoilt beach is easy to get to and lets you enjoy the natural beauty of St. Thomas. A quiet beach, located on the west end of the island, you will need to rent your own equipment, take along your food and drink, but most of all, this beach an amazing spot to windsurf.

Whatever beach you choose have a great day windsurfing and relax on your St. Thomas vacation.