Unique Vacation Ideas Kayaking


kayakingImagine a spot in the Caribbean where you can safely glide through the waters with amazing marine life, go kayaking on a unique vacation experience on the islands. The inner lagoons offer a wonderful place to kayak above the awesome coral reefs, as the natural scene invites you to an exciting tour. Come and experience the beauty of the islands up close on a stimulating kayak trip.

Take some time and explore a tropical island, where the exotic spots provide miles upon miles of white sand beaches, plus the unbelievable rainforest and mountains. You will find everything in the Caribbean from the sunshine that gently kisses its shores to the sights, sounds and fabulous experiences. Whether it is for a half-day kayak tour or on an extended kayaking tour, you will leave with a better appreciation of the natural wonders of these islands.

Kayak through the tropical forest to understand the unique beauty of the region. The timeless scenery will take you to many adventures; while the warm Caribbean sun and soft breeze let you enjoy your trip. Take a half day or full day kayaking tour along the island’s shoreline and explore some of its neighboring cays while doing so. No kayaking experience is necessary, as you paddle to experience the beauty of the Caribbean both above and beneath the sea.

kayaking1Half day trips are perfect for the beginners, and will include complete instruction on the beach before setting out. The half day trips normally run for three hours in the morning or afternoon. On each island, the route change from day to day and depending on the weather and sea conditions. Your kayak tour will take you to the beautiful waterways of the island, while you enjoy the view of the birds and amazing wildlife.

Full day trips are a great way to explore the most secluded spots of any island, and the surrounding cays. If you really want to get away from it all, take a full day kayak tour to see the untouched spots of the region, as your tour provide what you are looking for. Paddle for up to six hours along the coastlines of the islands on a full day kayak trip, while making stop to swim or snorkel along the way. Visit a cay nearby and explore the exotic coral reefs of the Caribbean.

After an exciting kayak trip, have a delicious picnic lunch on the beach while the breathtaking views lure you for more exploits. Find the best kayaking spots on your adventurous Caribbean holiday, as you plan your perfect island holidays.