Unique Vacation Ideas Jamaican Road Trip


Road TripIf you are planning a holiday to Jamaica, this beautiful Caribbean country offers more than stunning beaches and a spectacular shoreline. Beyond the reggae and great experiences, you can go off on the off-beaten track on a unique Jamaican road trip. The island is known for its friendly people and warm hospitality and there is no better way to experience it, than to stay in a private Jamaica villas, cottages or apartment that offer a home away from home settings.

Once you settle in your Jamaican villas, you can go on an exciting road trip that will take you to exotic places on the island. In fact, there is no better way to appreciate the scenic beauty of Jamaica, to savor the local delicacies, or to browse through the best craft markets in the region. Travel through the amazing 14 parishes on the island, as you make your way through the winding roads, mountain side towns while you enjoy the stunning coastlines. 

Zigzag through Ocho Rios and Portland that will open up amazing vistas of the beautiful surroundings. The roads are dotted with stalls selling delicious Jamaican delicacies especially jerked chicken or pork.  There is no better place to enjoy a plate of jerk than at the Portland's Boston Jerk Centre or Buff Bay's Blueberry Hill Jerk Stop.

Continue through clockwise, stop in Kingston grab a patty, then continue along the south coast, find a great hotel in Treasure Beach, see the alligators in Black River on a boat ride), check out YS Falls and continue to Negril. If it is seafood that catches your fancy, check out the unique spots along the south coast for tasty fish, lobster or shrimp. If you are interested in unique beachfront dining experience, you can stop at the Alligator Pond's Little Ochie, where you can enjoy your meals on a boat on stilts under a thatched roof overlooking the sea.

Road trip JamaicaAlong the roadsides, you will see farmers selling fresh produce and fruits such as jackfruits, sour sops, mangos and coconuts. You can also check out the local drinks such as the ice-cold jelly made from coconut or root wine made from various indigenous herbs and roots boiled in molasses or honey.

Then there are various craft markets along the roads where you can shop for souvenirs such as hand-painted woodcarvings, bamboo shakers, peculiar t-shirts and live Dancehall CDs. Just a short drive from Montego Bay, you can visit the Orange River Ranch to relax and do some bird-watching. There you will find acres of seclusion as you view the unique countryside.

In St. Mary, this laid-back and retreat setting is where you will find the historic estate of Orchid Green House. This place allows you to see a lot, see a 300 year old windmill, over 2,000 types of orchids, lovely water areas, and an adorable plantation house that is get for relaxing. See organic coconut oil being made and the working plantation while there.

There are lots of clubs in the towns that provides exciting nightly entertainment for you to enjoy your Jamaican road trip.