Unique Vacation Ideas Belize Rainforest


Belize rainforestAn interesting, unique vacation idea, Belize’s rainforest provides an exotic summer adventure holiday. Located in northern Central America, Belize’s small size and amazingly diverse ecosystem awaits you with its great vacation destination and many tropical treasures to be discovered by you. Belize uniqueness offer marvelous areas to explore the lush tropical forest of the region. Spend a few days in the rainforest to enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna, wildlife and the amazing Mayan Ruins.

Adventure and fun activities hold no abound in Belize’s rainforest, as this is the place where you can enjoy the relaxing aspects of a vacation as well as an exotic tour. Belize is famous for cave tubing, jungle canopy zip lining, in the mild tropical forest areas. An interesting phenomenon, to take your family on an adventurous summer vacations in Belize. You can choose from hiking, swimming, canoeing down pristine rivers, horseback or mountain bike riding through the jungle trails, or wander through the ancient Maya temples.

A guided tour will take you to nature trails to explore miles of sacred Mayan caves, as thousands of stunning Mayan ruins are to be found through Belize’s rainforest. Visit Cahal Pech which is located 10-minutes from the town center of San Ignacio, or if you are feeling more adventurous you could take a boat-ride to the ruins of Lamanai. In this area, you will see Mayan artifacts, ruins, Spanish churches and a sugar mill that dates back to 1860.

RainforestWalk across a limestone ridge to reach Xunantunich, this is truly an impressive place to see in the rainforest. Climb to the top of this magnificent structure to get breathtaking views of neighboring Guatemala. See the many creeks and streams that merge to feed the Stann Creek and Swasey Rivers. Offering excellent swimming holes beneath scenic waterfalls, such as Ben’s Bluff Waterfall, you will enjoy your unique Belize tour in the forest.

Cockscomb Basin is one of the best locations in Belize for birding. There are also howler monkeys, gibnuts, jaguarondi, ocelots, margay, puma, agouti, snakes, coatamundi, and of course the mysterious jaguar. The jaguar is a night-time animal, but there are many occasional daytime sightings of this animal.

With so much to see and do during the summer months in Belize, exploring the tropical rainforest is certainly a rare opportunity to truly discover and experience an ancient culture within this wonderful Caribbean country.

belize1Plan an affordable vacation that offers variety, flexibility and a good mix of activity and relaxation, while combining a real Mayan cultural experience in lush rainforest on a perfect Caribbean holiday.