Tropical Fun in Bermuda


Experience tropical fun in Bermuda as the island is filled with exciting attractions and nature. With so many attractions to enjoy this island paradise will keep you entertained throughout your vacation. Spend time snorkeling at Snorkel Park, this is where adventurous water sports take you on a wonderful tour in the warm waters. Also you can jet-ski, hire an underwater scooter for marine tours, go kayaking, paddle-biking or paddle-boating along the coastline of the island.

Play and have fun under the tropical skies as Bermuda’s amusing Horseshoe Bay in Southampton makes you enjoy a paradise. Explore Tobacco Bay and Clearwater Beach in the historic town of St. George’s, where you can lazily relax n the beaches to take in the breathtaking views. Watch the kids build sand castles or bury each other at Shelly Bay Beach in capital city Hamilton Parish, while you pamper yourself with exotic tropical fun.

Bermuda © by mfairlady

If you are traveling with small kids go on a fabulous water hunt at delightful Dolphin Quest. Swim, feed and play with the friendly bottlenose dolphins while the guides teach you how to be in touch with the cuddly animals. Create incredible tropical vacation memories when you visit Bermudas Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. Learn about Bermuda’s unique landscape as the waters are filled with amazing sea creatures of all types.

Fun and more tropical fun awaits you at Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Explore the wonders of each cavern as you step deeper and deeper into the captivating world of white stalactites and stalagmites. This is one of the island exciting tours to visit the popular system of bottomless caverns, where you and your family can enjoy swimming in the clear pools. Another tropical fun venture not to miss is the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. At the location you will enjoy two floors of live interaction with amazing marine life to include a cute shark.

Bermuda © by mfairlady

Relax and enjoy the island of Bermuda on a tropical vacation like no other. Wander through Hamilton, Southampton, St George’s or the Flatts on a scooter, to fill your vacation with exciting tropical fun.