Top Playgrounds of the Rich and Famous


Palm-fringe beaches, stunning turquoise waters and a weather to die for all year long, the Caribbean is a hot spot playground for the rich and the famous to enjoy. Boasting an array of extraordinary resorts and hotels, these islands is where celebrities get away to relief the stress of daily life. With acres of breathtaking landscape to play and frolic with, the rich and famous always spend their holidays among the alluring beauty and culture of the island’s top playground to escape from it all. Here are the top rich and famous playgrounds of the Caribbean.

St. Barts
Situated in the northeastern section of the Caribbean Sea, St. Barts is a French isle with wonderful ply area for the rich and famous. An amazing yachting paradise with gorgeous waters to take you on a fabulous tour, St. Barts provides a number of attractive and secluded resorts for celebrities to enjoy. Booming with magnificent beaches as well as designer boutiques, this is a primary hot spot for the rich in the Caribbean.

St. Barts © by James Temple

Mustique, St. Vincent & the Grenadines
With exotic landscape at every turn, the petite isle of Mustique is where famous vacationers go to bask in the natural beauty of the island. Located among the Grenadines islands in eastern Caribbean, the island is dotted with stylish resorts and hotels that offer the simple pleasures of life to the rich and famous. Mustique is a popular destination for the rich and is a place where pure fun and relaxation takes you to another level with its pristine beaches and ultimate hideaway coves. While there you will see beautiful homes owned by celebrities, as the island provide the ideal seclusion that famous people want.

© by Fede Nuñez, Pixelado*Photo_Pro

The Bahamas
This amazing collection of islands just off the coast of Florida is one of the Caribbean’s most famous playgrounds for the rich, especially on Eleuthera Island. Each island of the Bahamas translates it own classic realm of unique destination decorated with private hot spots and amazing hideaway for the rich to enjoy. All surrounded by exotic coral reefs and gorgeous waterway, the rich usually revel in the setting of the islands as they provide an array of exclusive resorts, world-class restaurants and exciting activities to enjoy. Offering the rich and famous a haven to play and have fun with the sprawling water-cottages, the Bahamas is a lavish destination for celebrities.

Bahama © by CB and GK

Perhaps one of the more hidden, luxurious playgrounds for the rich and famous within the Caribbean, Antigua is an island that offers the perfect vacation spot to relax. Another of the region’s sailing or yachting haven where the rich and famous can frolic in the natural channels that surrounds the island. While there you may glimpse a celebrity enjoying a snorkeling or diving tour along the spectacular reefs that protects the island. Also on the sister isle of Barbuda, the rich and famous play with exclusive resorts that offer uninhibited seclusion that promises the perfect break for them.

Antigua © by Loimere

The islands of the Caribbean are never short playgrounds for the rich and famous to explore, as there is always a quiet corner where they can indulge in the natural ambiance for a couple of hours away the crowd.