Top Haunted Caribbean Attractions


Top Haunted Caribbean AttractionsThe islands of the Caribbean are filled with ghost stories and haunted history, as its long history of pirates, shipwrecks, slavery, and even sacrifices, brings you to some thrilling spots on the islands. Visiting the Caribbean for the top haunted attractions you might bring you to any of these spots.

1. Enter the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is ranked one of the most haunted places to visit in the Caribbean. This confusing, aircraft snatching whirlpool is still out there and is the region’s graveyard where tons of shipwrecks and the disappearances occur. Otherwise called the Devil’s Triangle, you can explore this magnificent triangle between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda that have swallowed sailors and pilots. Travel to the Bermuda Triangle to see if the legend still stands.

2. Humid Sacrifices in Mayan Territory

Explore the Mayan ruins of Mexico and Belize and visit the eerie temples at Tulum and Chichen Itza. This haunted place is where the Mayan people once practiced human sacrifices. And if you are a bit more adventurous, go a bit further to the Cenote Sagrado which is a sacred sinkhole. There you will see the remains of men and boys who were sacrificial victims. A great place to visit around Halloween since it corresponds with Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations.

3. Beware the White Witch of Rose Hall, Jamaica

If you visit Montego Bay, Jamaica then you must explore the haunted great house known as Rose Hall. This spooky old mansion is where the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall, Annie Palmer, the wife of a plantation owner, who went through a number of husbands and was believed to be a voodoo mistress. She was cruel that her ghost is said to haunting this plantation house. Stand on the lovely greens or play golf on the White Witch Golf Course, where you might get a glimpse of Annie looking out!

4. Visit the Cursed Eden Browne Estate in Nevis

Nobody has lived at the Eden Browne estate in Nevis for more than 200 years, and for good reason. The estate is haunted by the ghosts of a groom and his best man who killed each other during a wedding in 1822. In fact, the dispute that led to a life of heartbreak for the bride to be, took place on the same day that the property was to be named as the Garden of Eden at Browne's Estate. The arranged marriage of Caroline James Beard and John Higgins was to bring together two prosperous families, but ended in a bloody conclusion that resulted in a curse that persists until this very day.

5. Dead Men Tell No Tales in Port Royal

Port Royal, Jamaica, tell the tales of bloody pirate attacks, hidden pirate loot, and the death sentence of those convicted of piracy on the high seas. The ghost of the infamous pirate Blackbeard is said to haunt this town, while the Giddy House take you to a swirly adventure. Step on the grounds where pirate Calico Jack and his buccaneers were hung at Gallows Point in Port Royal, or explore the underwater ship wrecks and parts of the sunken city as a result of the earthquake in 1692. Once deemed as the Wickedest City on earth, you will also relics of the town's wicked ways.

There are many haunted spots to explore and discover the ghostly side of the Caribbean, travel to Haiti for a thrilling zombie experience or set sail for ghost ships and shipwrecks as you view these underwater graveyards that send chills up the spine.