Top 7 Strange, Creepy, and Unique Things in the Caribbean


Strange, creepy yet unique, there are things in the Caribbean you must see to excite the mind with the array of eerie, mysterious and spooky attractions. From the spice island of Grenada that has more spices for every piece of landscape; to Jamaica with its 120 cool rivers, you are bound to be fascinated by the unusual things on the islands. Feel the rush of kookiness as you visit some of these amazing odd things in the Caribbean, as it bring on something unique to your tropical vacation.

1. Be Haunted By the White Witch

Visit the Rose Hall Great House on Jamaica’s north coast in Montego Bay to be haunted by Annie Palmer creepy ghost. A strange story about this great house is that Annie Palmer had several husbands whom she reportedly killed with the help of voodoo in her 19th century plantation house. She was also very unkind to her slaves and many met their death by her hands. Her ghostly walk the halls of the house and sometimes is seen standing by the window looking out.

2. Unique Vampire Bats and Creepy Caves

Vampire bats are plentiful in Trinidad, St. Johns and Puerto Rico. You will encounter a few species of these suckers when you visit the old estate home, caves of Rio Camuy and at the Virgin Islands Nation Park. Wonder in awe at these creatures they surround you with a spooky feel.

3. Creepy Caribbean Cemeteries

Take a walk on the eerie side to explore the creepiness of Caribbean cemeteries. For a phenomenal experience visit Christchurch in Barbados or Port au Prince Cemeteries to encounter a mystical attraction. In Haiti, the ghosts invite you to explore the mysteries that surround the French isle, while you step deeper in their strange atmosphere. While there you will hear ghostly sounds that will spook you out; and in Christchurch the Chase family tomb will mesmerize you with its creepy tale. You may witness the shifting of the tombs, as it said that Colonel Thomas Chase loves to chase and his two daughters that are buried with him.

4.Strange Hell in the Caribbean

Grand Cayman, Montserrat, and St. Lucia is where you can experience hell in the Caribbean. These islands all have one thing in common:

  1. They all have unique landscapes that depict hell. Grand Cayman has an old limestone structure that spit red hot stones; in Montserrat the active hills of Soufriere will show you some real fire and brimstone action; while the Sulphur Springs National Park allows you to drive through its steamy volcanic pathways.

5. Unique Antigua’s 365 Beaches

What a way to enjoy the Caribbean, a beach for everyday of the year. The stunning island of Antigua offers you a beach where you can relax any time of the year. On this island you will a few of the hottest beaches to enjoy, including Carlisle Bay Beach, Dickenson Bay, Ffryes Beach, Galley Bay Beach, Half Moon Beach, Hawksbill Beaches, Jolly Beach, Pigeon Point Beach, Pink Sand Beach, Rendezvous Bay and Windward Beach, just to name a few.

6. Diverse Caribbean Cultures

Nowhere else in the world you can find such a varied array of cultures. The islands are the melting pot of African, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indians plus many more cultures that shape the islands into what they are today. You can experience this in their delicious cuisines, exciting carnivals and their unique traditions. In almost everything they do, Caribbean people customs influences the vibrancy of the islands and for this reason you will enjoy reggae in Jamaica, Santeria in Cuba and Junkanoo in Bahamas.

7. Strange Tasting Chicken

It looks like chicken but it is not. One of the Caribbean’s delicacies known as mountain chicken is actually a large edible frog that tastes like chicken. This food can only be found in Dominica and Montserrat.

Weird and wonderful it seems like the Caribbean has its own realm of strange, creepy and unique things to keep you entertained while discovering the islands.


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