Top 5 ultimate Bahamas Experiences


Ultimate Bahamas Experiences Enjoy a Bahamas vacation that is filled with tropical breezes, lively music, great dining options, and adventurous activities. There is always something for you in Nassau the Bahamas to enjoy, escape to the islands for a steamy Bahamian vacation as the star-filled nights brings you close to exotic uniqueness.

Explore the beautiful colonial architecture, great shopping ventures and attractions, where the weather is warm and welcoming. Discover Bahamas top 5 ultimate experiences on your next trip to the Caribbean. Perfect for couples, families, and singles to enjoy, relax by the beach with a cold drink as the gentle waves tickling your toes.

1. Straw Market Nassau the Bahamas
In the heart of town is the fabulous Straw Market. A great place to start your shopping ventures in Bahamas, as you view the many local crafts by vendors. The Straw Market is like a street theater that is filled with a variety of amazing handmade goods, while the noisy atmosphere entertains you with something new.

2. Ardastra Gardens
Located in Nassau the Bahamas is a small garden that exhibits the famous Marching Flamingo Show. Ardastra Gardens is a must-see attraction for you to see the amazing flamingo on parade, as they perform in harmony. Ardastra Gardens is also where you can see a variety of Bahamian exotic animals and flora.

3. Visit Fort Charlotte
Situated nearby the Ardastra Gardens, Fort Charlotte allows you to explore the largest and most fascinating colonial forts in Nassau. Explore the wonders of Fort Charlotte and go across the dry moat, enter the underground passages and dungeon, as you discover this 18th century fortress. Offering spectacular views of the Nassau Harbour, Fort Charlotte is a must see attraction on your next Bahamas vacations.

4. Climb the Amazing Queen’s Staircase
Another stunning lookout to capture beautiful Nassau the Bahamas is the magnificence Queen’s Staircase. Climb the Queen’s Staircase and with each step think of Queen Victoria’s illustrious life. Once you reach to the top of the limestone staircase, enjoy the wonderful views of Fort Fincastle just a few meters away and its surroundings.

5. Discover Paradise Island
Take a water taxi to Paradise Island for an extraordinary adventure. Discover the beautiful lagoons featuring exotic animals of the islands, as you spend a full day enjoying the wonderful marine displays. Another great attraction of Paradise Island is the Atlantis Resort with its maze of tunnels, rooms, and delightful history.