Top 5 Spots to Dive and Snorkel in St. Kitts and Nevis


Explore the depths of St. Kitts and Nevis as you enjoy your adventures in the warm and inviting waters that surround these islands. The islands have more than a handful of diving and snorkel spots to discover. In these waters you will that there are many shipwrecks with exciting treasures as you wander around the ruins, corals and exotic marine life.

When diving or snorkeling in St. Kitts and Nevis, you must keep these safety tips in mind. Be watchful of your location, never go too far, wear a watch so you don’t lose track of time. Do not take anything from the shipwrecks, feed or touch the sea creatures, walk or stand on the reefs. Never wear jewelry this will attract predators. Avoid jellyfish, fire coral, and other stinging creatures, such as sting rays.

Coral reef, Shark Island lagoon, French Frigate Shoals. © by USFWS Pacific

Never put your hands into holes, as this is where sea animals like moray eel’s call home. Although very rare shark sightings are possible, if you spot one, remain calm and slowly move from the area, as they are generally submissive. With this in mind suit up and let’s take the plunge:

This area is the famous Brassball shipwreck is found almost 25-feet below the waters. The area is very clear as you diver or snorkel through the warm waters while enjoying the views. This area is perfect for beginners as it is not too deep, but provide a great wreckage to explore.

Black Coral Reef
Along the stretch of Black Coral Reef you find exotic marine life to include plenty black corals, tropical fish, sponges, you may even glimpse a turtle swimming by. This area is much deeper that Brassball, as it reaches a depth of 70-feet. Ideal for divers you want a bit of adventure.

Coral reef, Shark Island, French Frigate Shoals © by USFWS Pacific

Blood Bay Reef
The colorful array of beautiful corals will entice you to explore Bloody Bay Reef in its entirety. In this area you can admire with excitement the different types and variety of corals, sponges and playful fishes. Snorkel among the stunning sea fans, sea anemones, and bristle worms as you search for more fun things.

Nags Head
This hot spot is great for skilled divers, as this is where the gushing waves of the Atlantic Ocean greet the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the top spots for you to view a large collection of marine life and rocks covering a sharp slope that creates fascinating formations to explore. If you have the experience this spot is bursting with adventures.

coral reef © by me and the sysop

Sandy Point Bay
The popular site at Sandy Point Bay is where several sea battles to place over the islands. Plunge into the clear waters to admire the reef that sits on top of a sunken battleship. Swim around to find ship ruins dotted along the sea floor, as you explore its long reef to meet the spectacular underwater canyons.

Plan your diving and snorkeling tour in St. Kitts and Nevis which will take your exploits to another stage. Ensure you’re safe at all times and do not wander off too far. It is best to take a guided tour of these hot spots so you can revel in every moment of your diving or snorkeling adventures in St. Kitts and Nevis.