Top 5 Shore Excursions in the Bahamas


A tropical paradise where miles of amazing sandy beaches, fascinating restaurants and shops, intriguing underwater exploits and stunning natural ambiance flows together, The Bahamas offer shore excursions to suit your needs. No matter which island you dock on you will find exciting shore trips to make you Caribbean vacation more rewarding. Take a look at the top hot spots you and your family can visit while on the islands.

Take An Exciting Tour of Peterson Cay National Park

For an exciting adventure hop on a kayak and head for Peterson Cay, this small isle is a short distance from the beautiful beach of Barbary Bay, Grand Bahama. While there you can enjoy snorkeling and kayaking around the calm waters to admire the wonderful marine life below. Explore the exotic coral gardens with the colourful limestone reef, as playful sting rays and fish swim by.

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Go on a Shopping Spree and Sightseeing Tour in Freeport

Leave the ship for a few hours and visit the bustling Freeport, with its remarkable International Bazaar. At this spot you will find more than a 100 shops and stall with unique things to buy. Fill your shopping bags with duty-free items such as perfumes, amazing crafted items and clothing. Just a few steps away is the vibrant Straw Market where you can buy all your straw items in handbags, place mats or baskets. For your sightseeing adventure wonder at the Millionaires Row, this area in Freeport is where you will see fabulous homes on a winding avenue that leads to the beautiful Garden of Groves. Spend some time bask in its natural beauty as you view the refreshing waterfalls.

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Play with the Birds at Lucayan National Park

On Grand Bahama Island there is an extraordinary nature preserve known as Lucayan National Park for you to spend some time with the family. This is an ideal spot for you to explore nature paths with wooden boardwalk that will take you to lovely mangroves, tall palms and pine trees. Listen to the singing birds while you tour this park and play with the exotic birds that fly around with glee. When you reach the end of your tour you can take a dip in the warm and inviting clear waters to search for treasures.

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Try Your Luck In Paradise Island

Paradise Island offer you a bit of everything, but most captivating is the large and enchanting Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino. This is where you can shop, play games, golf around eat mouthwatering cuisines of the island. While you try your luck at the lively gaming tables, your kids visit the Marine Park to see and play with the variety of sea creatures that it houses. At the end of the day, relax in the mesmerizing ambiance of Versailles Gardens or catch a glimpse at the gorgeous violet sunset at the Cloister nearby.

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Explore Historic Nassau

Learn more about Nassau by taking a historic tour of the capital city. Spend a few hours exploring the appealing architecture as you stroll through Nassau. Climb up the 18th century Queen’s Staircase to view the ruins of Fort Fincastle, marvel at the sight of Fort Charlotte which is the biggest fort in Bahamas. Explore Parliament Square with its adorable 18th century buildings. Nearby this square are other attractions for you to visit such as Nassau’s Library, Museum or the wonderful Royal Victoria Hotel. Taste a bit of Bahamian culture when you step inside the Pompey Museum. For a romantic tour of the city for two, take a horse carriage around the city to admire it all.

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With so many things to do ashore, your Bahamian vacation will be filled with lots of fun. Take a boat to Rose Island and dive among the colorful coral reefs as you discover its treasures. Join in the fun at beach party or swim with the dolphins at the Underwater Explorer Society. But no matter what you do you, it will be just plain fun!