Top 5 Caribbean Zoos


One of the most scenic spot to be found anywhere in the Caribbean is to discover vibrant landscapes the houses astonishing zoos. A wonderful array of exotic animals that show unique character, these Caribbean zoos offer you an insight into the island’s adventurous side. A tropical paradise with colorful features, here are the top five Caribbean zoos for you to visit.

1. Ardastra Zoo and Gardens, Nassau, Bahamas
A hidden treasure that houses adorable animals, the Ardastra Zoo and Gardens is a fantastic attraction to visit while in the Caribbean. Uniquely tucked away, this zoo is a peaceful haven where the lovely pink flamingo and other animals roam freely to your amusement. Enjoy the array of fun and exciting things to see and do at the zoo, such as the exciting flamingo show that allows you to get close with these birds. Well worth your time, Ardastra Zoo is open from 9am to 5pm every day.

Pink Flamingoes © by BonsMots

2. Aruba’s Butterfly Farm
An entertaining way for the family to enjoy Aruba is to marvel at the phenomenon of metamorphosis at Aruba’s Butterfly Farm. The amazing butterfly farm is where you will encounter the extraordinary world of butterfly habitats in the Caribbean. Explore this spectacular butterfly farm as you and family enjoy a memorable connection to nature. The farm offers a beautiful vista as the diversity of its environs allows you to stroll through a landscape beaming with butterflies. Get ready to view some of the most colorful and exotic butterflies of this world. View the cycle of life as these fascinating butterflies, from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.

butterfly 3 © by brockvicky

3. Barbados Wildlife Refuge
A place where rare opportunities offer you the chance to photograph the energetic monkeys and the infamous rodents; Barbados Wildlife Refuge is a must visit while in the Caribbean. Be mesmerized by the array of animals that walk freely through the reserve with some caged ones. Play and interact with the animals, such as the green monkeys of Barbados, the colourful peacocks, parrots, and flamingoes to the brown pelicans and sparrows. A special treat awaits you at the non-native section to view the caiman, brocket deer, agouti, and friendly armadillo. From there you can visit the Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station on your unique Barbados vacation.

© by randystoreyphotography

4. Cuba’s Stone Zoo, the Zoológico de Piedra
The island of Cuba features many zoos for the visit, one of the most captivating one is the stone zoo called Zoológico de Piedra. Situated northeast of Guantánamo city, this zoo provides an interesting display of carved animals from stones that represents a different realm when it comes to zoo life. Enjoy the stone creations of antelopes, gorillas and zebras, while you stroll through the wild side of Cuba. This real-life creation of animals is a splendid treasure in the Caribbean as you admire the stone lions, wild boar, hippopotamuses, elephants, covered with dense flora and fauna.

© by Eric Kilby

5. Mayaguez Zoo, Puerto Rico
A little zoo where you can spend a few hours admiring the animals, the Mayaguez Zoo has an attractive collection of animals, from zebras to elephants and hippos. In addition to the animals, there are a number of nice plantings, with some named plants and orchids on display. A fun way to enjoy your Puerto Rican vacation, the Mayaguez Zoo paved paths will lure to the amazing aviary, butterfly house, and the reptile houses. After visiting the different animal section, explore the Arthropod museum. There you will see spiders, centipedes, ants, and cockroaches in glass cages while you learn about these interesting critters.

Zoo Parc Beauval © by JoyTek

An exceptional display of animals from all over the Caribbean and the world, you can visited one of these zoos to enjoy a fabulous island vacation.