Top 5 Caribbean Classic Adventures


Discover the rich history and astonishing character of the Caribbean island as you go on a classic adventure to view the cultural side of paradise as it lures you to the rhythms, friendly people and colorful features.

Find Treasures in the British Virgin Islands
One of the most scenic shipwrecks to be found anywhere in the Caribbean, this wreckage is perfectly recognizable under its layers of coral. Interestingly, the stern of the ship can be seen in the shallows as you snorkel in Salt Cay. Lying under the surf in the BVI, this is one of the classical underwater adventures to explore. This shipwreck is a 310-foot steamer that was broken in pieces as it sank in 1867 off the coast of Salt Island, British Virgin Islands. It sits is a protected national park, where you can dive among the coral to view the exotic marine life. As you plunge to the depth of 80-feet you will enjoy swimming with the array of tropical fish.

Discover what makes Puerto Rico Great
Go deep in the island of Puerto Rico to explore the wonders of El Yunque rainforest. Hike through the humid heart of the island as you bask in the beauty of about 28,000 acres of stunning mountainous terrain. Experience the peculiar silence that hangs over the canopy of tall trees as you walk through the dense setting of it landscape. Follow the paths of the nature trails that bring you to unique peaks and a mirage of tropical ferns and palm trees. Along the way you can stop at the refreshing waterfalls and take a dip in the cool pools.

Sail the waters of the Caribbean
In the Caribbean you will find plenty of amazing hot spots for classical sailing adventures. In the islands of Antigua, St, Lucia or St. Vincent, you will find amazing sailing adventures to enjoy. Best of all, you don’t even have to own a boat or yacht; you can simply rent one for the day or join in the fun at regattas for some incredible island vibes.

Cool, Cool Blue Mountains
See where the classic Blue Mountain coffee is grown. Tour the lush hillsides of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain peak for a classical adventure in the cool hills of the islands highest peak. Hike through the rugged mountains on a coffee tour then venture to the pinnacle of it all to take in the breathtaking views that surrounds the island south coasts. From this point you will see many coffer groves flowing down the hillside as it greets the rustic towns below. For an extra appeal stay overnight in one of the hilltop cabin and in the morning awake to the sight of a spectacular sunrise while the birds chirping in the background.

One of the Most Classic Caribbean Attractions its Beaches
The Caribbean’s most treasured asset is its pink, white, black or golden sandy beaches that are found all over the region. Antigua has a beach for every day of the year, Jamaica offers a fabulous stretch along 7miles to enjoy. These beaches is where you and your family can enjoy all of your favorite water sports activities, such as snorkeling, kite-surfing or diving. Also the beaches are warm and inviting as it provides secluded spots for a romantic getaway.

It sounds too good to be true, but there are many classical adventures in the Caribbean to enjoy, explore and discover as you tour this paradise. Explore the colonial streets with wonderfully preserved buildings. Lounge in a hammock with the coconut trees providing cool breeze. Visit the best restaurants and bars along the coastlines as you sample Caribbean classic adventu