Top 3 Small Islands


The Caribbean islands will captivate you with its famous beaches that stretch along the palm-fringed coastlines with its striking shades of blue waters beyond. During the year the weather is lovely as it set the pace for you to enjoy a wonderful Caribbean vacation. Dotted with the Caribbean Sea are many beautiful small isles the offers amazing vacation options. Whether it is for romance, family or an adventurous getaway, these 3 small islands provides a unique realm to bask in the beauty of the Caribbean.Although some of the islands are visible from one another, they are amazingly special.

St. Kitts and Nevis
Located in northern Leeward Islands along the eastern tip of the Caribbean, St. Kitts and Nevis are small islands like no other. The islands symbolize true tropical paradise where the ambiance clear and beautiful. With a fascinating blend of Caribbean allure, St. Kitts stands as spectacular like other large Caribbean islands. Simply enjoy the natural effervescence that surrounds the islands, as St. Kitts and Nevis are admired for its stretches of sugary sand, especially in the towns of Basseterre and Charlestown. In the midst of it all, the islands welcome you to discover its extraordinary beauty, amazing history, and its unparalleled charm of being a small Caribbean island.

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The Nature Isle of the Caribbean that sits northwest of Guadeloupe and southeast Martinique, Dominica is where unspoilt natural beauty comes alive with its steamy valleys and one of the world’s biggest boiling lakes. Boasting 365 rivers for each day of the year, you can explore the natural wonders of this volcanic island as it beam with pride. Discover, explore and hike through the lush vegetation that surrounds the island as the vibrant formations and rich marine life makes the island an exceptional vacation spot to dive, snorkeling or go whale-watching. Dominica will take your breath away at every turn as you enjoy the culture, food and exciting attraction that hold no bounds.

Dominica Coastline © by kretyen

Tobago is the smaller of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the southern Caribbean Sea, northeast of the island of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada. The island offers you a unique experience like no other as you explore the history, culture, and its diversity. On Tobago you will find amazing accommodations, dining and shopping adventures, not to mention the fabulous array of attractions. Tobago provides the authentic escape to the Caribbean as it is tucked away from the larger islands. This is where the popular giant Leatherback turtles lay their eggs from March through to July on the shore of its palm-fringed beach. Take morning stroll on Turtle Beach to see the shells of baby turtles that have hatched as they make their way to the sea. Your Tobago vacation will be truly memorable when you enjoy a cool cocktail while the sounds of steel pan plays in the background.

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Uniquely Caribbean, these small islands offer excellent amenities that are bound to be perfect for you.