Top 10 Things to See and Do in The Caribbean


The Caribbean offers much more than just the sun, stunning beaches and delicious foods. There is an incredible range of things to see and do while on vacation in the islands. Providing exciting activities to suit all interest and taste, the islands boast more attractions per square mile than any other place in the world. For a spectacular holiday in the Caribbean, you can review these ideas.

10. Play and Swim with Stingrays in Grand Cayman

Take a trip to Stingray City, Grand Cayman to play and swim with dozen of rays, sharks and other sea creatures. This is an exciting tour to learn about the island colorful marine life as you dive through this sandbar to feed and play with the stingrays.

Caribbean Trip 2010 © by Loimere

9. Take a thrilling Zip-Line tour in St Lucia

This course takes you through a rainforest canopy in beautiful St. Lucia, while viewing the stunning Pitons. Buckle up for an enjoyable ride as you glide and scream with excitement over the lush landscapes of the island.

8. Hike through El Yunque in Puerto Rico

Enjoy trekking through El Yunque rainforest which is also the highest mountain in the Caribbean. Climb to the top, to see the magnificent views of the island or marvel at the old Taino Arawak settlement that it houses.

Caribbean Trip 2010 © by Loimere

7. Explore Wonderful St Kitts

The trains in St. Kitts offer a fantastic way to discover the island’s attractions. Along your tour you will see many sugar-cane plantations, amazing ruins and charming waterfalls that invite you to take a dip.

6. Savor the taste of Real Food in Jamaica

Excite your taste buds with delicious roasted breadfruit, yam or sweet potatoes with ackee and saltfish. There is no reason to miss out these tasty delights if you are in Jamaica.

5. Go racing in Barbados

Garrison Savannah in Barbados provides a thrilling day of horse racing on the island. Watch with excitement as the horses gallop around the track. This will be a family fun trip where you can sit under the shady trees and enjoy a picnic together while having fun at your favourite sport.

Caribbean flamingo © by Martin Pettitt

4. Relax under a waterfall in Beautiful Grenada

Take an off-beaten trip to the adorable Seven Sisters Falls in Grenada and relax under the cool waters. To reach the falls you will go through a trail through the rainforest of Mount Catherine, until the cascading waters greets you with refreshing pools to swim in.

3. Glow in the Dark in Puerto Rico

Explore the wonders of Mosquito Bay, as you swim in the shimmering waters in the dark. This body of water is filled with plenty bioluminescent organisms that glow in the night. A magical experience to enjoy while in Puerto Rico, Mosquito Bay provides one of the best things to see and do on the island.

2. Go on a Whale-Watching Adventure in Dominican Republic

Go off shore for a thrilling whale-watching tour. See these exciting sea creatures’ play and jump to amazing heights along Samana coast. Boat tours are normally offered between January and mid-March as this is when you will see the whales leaping in the waters.

Caribbean near Tulum © by mdanys

1. Snorkelling in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is Fantastic

The islands and cays of St. Vincent offers fantastic snorkeling trip to the marine park on the island, especially on Tobago Cays. See the lovely array of tropical fish as you snorkel along the south of Canouan. Boasting a range of magnificent coral reefs, these islands is where you want to be for your next beach vacation in the Caribbean.