Things to do in Puerto Rico


Things to do in Puerto RicoWhatever your heart desires to do in Puerto Rico, it is all there waiting for you to explore. There are so many things to see and do in Puerto Rico that you will be astonished at the vast amount of lovely attractions. Some of the most appealing attractions to see and explore are an ancient fortress; a tropical rainforest; a bioluminescent bay; a natural underground cave system; and a small isle boasting incredible beaches.

Lets us discover some of the things to do in Puerto Rico:

Starting off with the beautiful El Yunque; this is a lush tropical rainforest located about two hours from San Juan. Boasting lovely green mountainous terrain, this area is where you can take great hiking trips to see the gorgeous array of flora and fauna of Puerto Rico. Among the many floras are cool waterfalls to take a refreshing dip in.

Venture to Old San Juan and visit the Castillo de San Felipe Del Morro or El Morro. This legendary landmark of San Juan is about 400 years, and was once used as lookout for ships. Climb the six-tier fortress and be taken back in time to see how the soldiers of the 16th to 20th centuries lived. While there you will see old cannons facing the ocean and a sentry box.

Take a cave tour to the Río Camuy Cave Park in the city of Ponce. This must do tour will take you to island’s magnificent underground cave system in Puerto Rico. Regarded as the third largest in the world; this cave system allows you exciting tours through subterranean ravines to the edge of caves over 600 feet deep, as well as an underground river. For a bit more adventure, you can take an excursion, which will take you mud-sliding, body rafting, and free jumping down the mouth of one of the caves on the southern section.

Other places to explore in Ponce are the stunning antiques shops, gardens, and hand crafted furniture. After which you can visit the Serralles Castle, which is perched on a hill above the city of Ponce. This castle was once the summer home of the Serralles family. Built on the 1930’s this castle still holds furniture and articles of the original family.

While in Puerto Rico, you may take a kayak ride during the night to the spectacular Vieques Biobay. If you visit this bay on a moonless night you will see a profusion of dazzling lights that are light by small marine creatures. You can take a dip in these waters to see your body shimmering in the dark, as you learn why the biobay is one of Puerto Rico most gifted treasures. The Vieques Biobay is carefully protected as this is one of the most bioluminescent bays in the world.

Another exciting thing to do in Puerto Rico is to take a boat ride easterly to the tiny isle of Culebra. While there you will see unspoilt beaches to relax on or enjoy the warm waters. This island can be isolated at times, but it features the most impressive Flamenco Beach. While the West Beach literally hugs the coastline with shady water holes that is perfect for snorkeling. The Culebrita Reef on the south side is where you will see the Turtle Beach. Known as the gem of the island, this beach boasts a lovely curved of sands for both nesting turtles and visitors to share.

If you like rum you can visit the Bacardi’s signature Rum factory; and get an informative tour of how the popular rum is made and get samples of rum as well. If you opt for more adventures you can take a biking tour of the Piñones area. This gorgeous area is situated a few minutes from east of Isla Verde; boasting lovely beaches, mangroves, and delectable restaurants. Feel the thrills of the Caribbean breeze as you explore the trails of this 11km biking nature trail.

Wondering what to do when you visit Puerto Rico, then hop on a plane and grab your camera to this captivating Caribbean island and enjoy any of their fabulous things to do and see.