The Caribbean’s Most Underrated Islands


When it comes to the Caribbean, there are a few underrated islands that are waiting to be explored by you.  After all, the island of the Caribbean isn’t just about beaches and rum punch but amazing attractions that provide all the essentials of a great island vacation. Destinations such as Dominica, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Curaçao or Grenada are some of the least visited island of the region. Plan a trip to any of these destinations; you might be enthralled by what you find.


This beautiful island has stunning beaches that are spectacular. The resorts are eco-friendly and the attractions are appealing tourists. Dominica is a nature-filled destination where you can enjoy a relaxing Caribbean holiday surrounded by lush mountains covered with tropical rainforest. There are many excellent walking, especially the legendary Boiling Lake hike, which take you breathtaking valleys with springs and hot pools. There is the cultural part of the island; you can visit the Carib Model Village to get a deeper understanding of the Carib way of life on the island.  Everything is just uniquely green and full of life, as the sound of a refreshing stream is never too far away.

Dominica_0597 © by kretyen


Curaçao is one of the most underrated islands in the Caribbean that posses a wealth of great history and culture. This Dutch island may not seem like a Caribbean destination because of its location, but you are wrong. The island enjoys beautiful weather, spotless beaches and plenty of shopping and dining options. However, in the capital city of Willemstad this is where you will see a truly unique town ambiance blended with a diverse of cultural heritage unknown anywhere else in the world.  A fabulous destination for families and couples alike, Curaçao will provide the unique Caribbean vacation you are looking for.

Willemstad Curacao Neth. Ant. © by Jessica Bee


Take the off-beaten path to this lovely volcanic island. Montserrat is a quiet, laid-back destination to enjoy a Caribbean vacation doing just about nothing. Its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere is where you will find some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, as they entice you an authentic flair of island spirit. Once you arrive on this island you find that it has an amazing story to tell about the seemingly calm Soufriere Hills. The hills is a volcanic formation that erupts from time to time, nevertheless there are exciting adventures to enjoy especially in the capital city of Plymouth. Take a boat tour around the island or a taxi to view the Garibaldi Hill. While there you will see the ruins of Plymouth and an eye-popping sight, like nowhere else in the Caribbean.

Montserrat © by Jo@net

Cayman Islands

A scenic destination that is often overlooked in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands is where diving and snorkeling hotspots thrive. Places like Eden Rock or Devil’s Garden are two of the premiere diving sites to visit. Best of all; these islands provide unique accommodation for couples and families to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the Caribbean. You will also enjoy the white beaches and clear waters for less than some of the more well-known island.

Cayman Islands © by Live.Loud.Texas


And within the beautiful Caribbean Sea lies the charm of Grenada. This island is a nature lover’s paradise that offers just about everything to make your vacation more rewarding. The towns and villages allow you to bask in the beauty of the island settings and let you feel the genuine allure while the locals tell you interesting stories. Known as the spice island you can visit and explore the rustic ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon or rum factories, while the island’s natural beauty greet you at every corner. Follow the winding paths that take you to the highest peak of Mt. Catherine to get more breathtaking views of the island. Get a glimpse of the sea turtle at Levera Beach for a magical sight.

Boats at Grenada © by Lee Coursey

Many islands boast the best beaches with warm white sand and crystal clear waters, but others are simply adorable to spend a few days in, any time of the year.