The Caribbean’s Most Romantic Islands


Romance 1This collection of wonderful stretches of coastlines, beautiful beaches, spectacular essence of sands and sprinkling of palms is sure to complete your romantic fantasy. Bask among the dazzling white sand that sprinkles ashore as a sugar-soft feel treat for your toes. And the warm waters that bathes these shorelines is so clear that the blazing Caribbean sun hits the ocean floor nearly full strength, bouncing the colors of the passing clouds with the same luminous turquoises, blues and greens that the water displays. You can’t help but to enjoy these fabulous romantic islands as you review the list below. 


This luscious stretch of unique landscape invites you and you other half to nestle among the breathtaking gardens and exotic wildlife. Couples will enjoy snorkeling among the coral gardens offshore or take a nature walk from Old Ta to little-known Katouche Beach. This spot creates the perfect haven for couple to reconnect with each other on the island. While there have a beach picnic under the shady trees.

Antigua & Barbuda

You will love the luxury, enjoy the utmost in privacy. Delicious meals are served in an 18th century estate house and after you are taken on a snorkeling tour or meandering bike trails through nature preserves. Antigua and Barbuda provides sybaritic pleasures to be enjoyed, as the legend states that there is a beach there for every day of the year.


The island where the Caribbean Sea meet the vibrant Atlantic Ocean, Barbados has some of the the most boastful resorts and hotels that caters to pure romantic joys. Visit the lovely Gold Coast area of the island to enjoy romance on the island, where pampering and delectable cuisines provides a setting that makes you want to stay forever.

Cayman Islands

Lined with fabulous condos and lavish resorts, Cayman Islands have some of the best snorkeling and diving spots in the region. Cayman Islands have a bit of romantic ambiance for you to enjoy this island, as the array of watersports activities within its clear aquamarine waters and Australian pines that dot the background create a romantic setting for all types of couple to love.


Whether you are dreaming of a tropical island wedding, an exotic honeymoon, or you are looking to rekindle your romance, relaxed and quiet Grenada offers a charming place to spend a few days. The island boasts an extraordinary coastline and over 40 white sandy beaches to choose from. With its pristine beaches, gently swaying palm trees and fragrant emerald green mountains, Grenada is bursting with beautiful and romantic settings. Just imagine plunging into the serenity of warm, fragranced sea breezes and soft moonlight. Visit lush tropical rainforests, and leave the city area behind you, where most of the island's best hotels are within walking distance.


Jamaica has a way of nestling into your mind, heart and soul, as with each day on the island your discoveries take you to daring fun in the sun. Simultaneously, Jamaica is sophisticated yet simple where you will find yourselves surrounded by tropical beauty that delivers romance. Just about anywhere, you can stop to enjoy the lush landscape and savor a cup of the delicious rich coffee. On the northwestern section of the island, the beautiful beaches stretch for miles that boast untamed allure.


Tobago is truly a tropical island paradise for two, where couples can really relax in a perfect hideaway. You can take the island's scenic beauty at your own pace and spend your days together in tranquil bliss. Tobago is one of the most unspoiled islands in the Caribbean that is blessed by nature. Follow the paths of the tropical flora and fauna as it surrounds you with exotic island delights. Relax along the palm-fringed beaches as the soft white sands caress your toes. Comfortable settings and amazing resorts are just a few of the things that will make you fall in love all over again.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos Islands have many natural attractions that will appeal to your romantic side. From the Grand Turk to Salt Cay, couples will enjoy the sight of the migrating humpback whales while they relax on the beach. Dive into this one-of-a-kind, unbelievably exciting island and indulge in some of the most gorgeous tropical scenery on the earth. Allow the beautiful pink sands to create a mood of passion as you sun-bath under the Caribbean sun. It's such a spectacular setting that you will enjoy underwater snorkeling trails along the reef where you are sure to see a gorgeous rainbow of tropical fish.

Enjoy your romantic vacation in the Caribbean and create memories to last a life time.