The Blue Mountains and Portland


The Blue Mountains and Portland The parish of Portland is situated on the northeastern coast of beautiful Jamaica. Portland, with its capital town of Port Antonio, is known for its great beaches and relaxing atmosphere. But within its borders are the fabulous bluish green peaks of the Blue Mountains. To the west of Portland are small islets, the main one being the beautiful and unspoilt Navy Island.

Portland has a mixture of adorable landscapes features; with the coastlines dotted with caves, bays, rivers, waterfalls and hills. There are many caves for you to explore, which include the famous Nonsuch Caves that is nestled in the Athenry Gardens. The parish also boasts many wonderful rivers for you to enjoy, such as the popular Rio Grande River which is excellent for taking rafting trips.

Portland is the recreational parish that allows traveler to enjoy the pristine beauty of rich nature. And the Blue Mountains in the backdrop provide the hiking areas and views to see the charming countryside of Jamaica’s landscape. One of the most outstanding physical features of this parish, The Blue Mountains runs east to north, forming a backbone through the parish.

The Blue Mountains stretches for about 44 miles through the county of Surrey and a part of Middlesex, to a peak of 7,402 ft. Explore the Blue Mountain Peak to see the many exotic wildlife of birds and plants. Because of its natural attractions, Portland is seen as the most prosperous parish on the island of Jamaica, so on your next visit to Jamaica ensure you book your stay in this lovely parish and enjoy all it has to offer to include the spectacular Blue Lagoon, the mouth-watering Boston Jerk chicken and many fine beaches such as Frenchman Cove, San San, of the lovely and inviting Winifred beach.

A great range of accommodation options is available in Portland and near the Blue Mountains. Choose from a number of villas, resorts or luxury hotels to further enjoy your exploration of this scenic parish. You can chose from Trident Villas and Hotel, Jamaica Palace, Dragon Bay Villas, Goblin Hill Hotel, Jamaica Crest, Fern Hill Club, Mocking Bird Hill, stay which will cater to your budget and lifestyles.