The Baths – British Virgin Island


The British Virgin Islands is home to many wonderful attractions, and one of these famous appeals is found on the third largest island known as Virgin Gorda. The island holds an unusual formation known as The Baths. Located on the southern end of the island at the bottom of a hill, the Baths is a unique attraction and one of the most amazing experience you can have in the British Virgin Islands.
The Baths
Seen as a fantastic wonder of the world, the Baths allows you to bask in the natural pools and array of grottoes. The pools are formed by the volcanic granite boulders and half-submerged rocks, which opens up to the beautiful sea. When you visit this beautiful spot, you will get to explore Virgin Gorda’s palm lined beaches and rocky shoreline.

As you spend your time exploring the area, you will find several trails many of which feature amazing carvings on them. Some of these trails also displays a few names, for example, the Throne, which is a large structure; The Lion’s Head and the Ethiopian Head. The Bath is also a great place for swimming and snorkeling. Although there is not much coral due to the rock formations, there are plenty of fish, turtles, and sting rays to be seen.

Baths Virgin Gorda
There’s no other place like this attraction; however, while you are exploring the Baths, pay keen attention to the warnings. Because at times the waters are dangerous and unsafe for swimming, especially during the months of December to February, when the tides swell. Plus there are no life guards around.

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