The 10 best places to eat and drink in Jamaica


10 best places to eat and drink in JamaicaThe island of Jamaica is not just about coconut water, jerk chicken and pork or the lovely range of beaches. The island houses some of the best places to eat and drink while having a grand time. Jamaican food and drink is a complex blend of local, African, and other colonial influences. The Africans brought plantains, yams, pigeon peas, and assorted peppers, while the Spanish introduced rice, and the British brought breadfruit. Enjoy dining at any of these fine eateries while the mouthwatering cuisines and tasty drinks take you to levels of unbelievable pleasures.

1. Norma’s on the Terrace
Norma’s on the terrace is one of Jamaica’s best-known secrets in the Jamaican capital of Kingston. Enjoy the taste of authentic, innovative variations on traditional dishes as the menu changes regularly with whatever is in season. Although conch and lobster are favorites, you can order vegetable or meat dishes to entice the taste buds. 
2. Cuddyz Sports Bar and Grill
In addition to great food and drink, Cuddy’s on offer an oasis in the heart of New Kingston to have fun while watching your favorite sports. This bar and restaurant is the brainchild of world-renowned cricketer, Courtney Walsh. The ambiance provides the perfect touch to hang with friends as the delicious Jamaica dishes take center stage, especially the curry goat.

3. Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant
This St. Elizabeth hideaway is a seafood lover’s paradise, providing all the best varieties to have your lobster, crab, fish and shrimp done right. Little Ochi Restaurant is a small establishment that serves some of the best seafood on the south coast, all prepared in Jamaican style. Enjoy a spicy Fish Tea, followed by steamed snapper or jerk crab. Dinner is served in large beached canoes with thatched roofs.

4. Faith’s Pen
Faith’s Pen is a long stretch of sidewalk vendors that offer some of the most local Jamaican food to be found anywhere in the island. Spend some time at Faith’s Pen as you visit each food stall to sample roasted yam, breadfruit and sweet potatoes with delicious jerk chicken and pork. Wash your meal down with a tropical juice or cold Red Stripe beer.
5. Café Aubergine
This stylish restaurant in an old plantation-style building, offers you great hospitality while the aged old structure allows you dine in the comfortable settings of Montego Bay. Café Aubergine serves a fusion of Jamaican and European foods, with lots of seafood dishes like conch in lemon vinaigrette, or grilled prawns in curry sauce. Drink wine from their extraordinary wine list.

6. Dickie’s Best Kept Secret
Dickie’s is one of the most unusual dining experiences in Portland. Taste intriguing dishes that is created by the owner and head chef. If you choose fish, it will be freshly-caught. The restaurant is hidden gem in a cozy cottage on the edge of town.

7. Red Bones Blues Café
Red Bones Blues café is a mixture of bar, restaurant and cultural hub for New Kingston. Enjoy the lively atmosphere of this café, while the mouthwatering dishes of Jamaican flavor melts in your mouth. The café also features poetry readings, films and other cultural events. Visit the Red Bones Blues Cafe for great brown stewed fish or roast chicken.

8. Sips ’n’ Bites
Negril’s laid-back restaurant Sips and Bites is the place to go for a real Jamaican breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy ackee and saltfish with fried dumplings or boil bananas and yam. It is the ideal place in the west for vegetables stews with a touch of Jamaican flavor. This highly recommended restaurant provides real Jamaican food, no doubt about it. What makes it rather special is the prices are very affordable.

9. BiBiBips
A typical beachside bar, which comes alive as the sun begins to set. The views are pleasant, the staff is friendly, and the food is appealing too. There is plenty of fish on the menus, as well as other Jamaican favorites, such as Red Stripe shrimp, local seafood deep-fried in a beer batter. A wonderful place to have lunch under the shady cliff side tables, you can enjoy the views of the gorgeous bay below.

10.Gap Café
If you want to try a cup of freshly-brewed Blue Mountain coffee, there is no better place for it than at Gap Café. Perched high up in the heart of the Blue Mountains, Gap Café offers limitless menu that includes coffee creations and light meals. Admire the views while you bite into a tasty Club Sandwich.

Places to eat and drink are Jamaica’s best-known attractions, where the unique settings lead you down the path of awesome wonders.