The 10 Best Outdoor Adventures in Jamaica


outdoor adventures in JamaicaOutdoor adventures in Jamaica will take you to some of the island’s most amazing spots for an exciting Jamaican holiday. Choose from one of our top picks for your next adventure in Jamaica, as you revel in the unique settings of the island.

1. Plunge into cool waters of YS Falls, St. Elizabeth

The YS Falls is one of Jamaica’s most stunning waterfalls that drop from a height of 130-feet. Climb this amazing waterfall with steep rocks to the top for spectacular views of the island inner lands. Enjoy a bouncy ride to the waterfalls on a tractor for about 10-minute to see where the water pours from the limestone rocks into the cool Black River a few meters away. 

2. Take a Blue Mountain Hiking Tour

For a fun-filled day tour, you can take an exciting countryside hike to the Blue Mountains. Offering several adventurous spots along the way, you will enjoy the scenic views plus the chance to meet local coffee farmers before you reach the mountain peak at Hardware Gap. Once at the top you can go on a thrilling bike ride down the mountain.

3. Explore Alligator Hole Nature Park

Adventures in Jamaica bring you up close to some of the island most wonderful range of wild marine life. Visit the Alligator Hole Nature Park in St. Elizabeth to see manatees in nature. This area is the only spot in Jamaica to see these precious sea creatures. For a better chance of seeing the manatees, you will need to explore the nature park in the late afternoon when the manatees are out and about. 

4. Play Golf at White Witch Golf Course

Travel to the resort town of Montego Bay and have an adventure of a lifetime. The White Witch golf course is one of Jamaica’s best greens to enjoy a day of golf. What makes this place so special is the history of the Great House while it overlooks the golf course. The course remarkable changes of elevation and the powerful breezes from the sea, makes playing golf a challenge on this 18-hole sensation.

5. Climb the magnificent Dunn’s River Falls

The parish of eight rivers waits for your next visit. Ocho Rios is a beautiful town on Jamaica’s north coast as it features amazing natural landscapes and refreshing waterfalls. One of the most popular falls to explore, Dunn’s River Falls has stunning staircase of steps in all directions to the top. Take a guided tour to the top of these dramatic falls, to get the best views. If you wish you can also climb the falls yourself to this 600-feet series of adventure. After the climb, walk down the wooden steps at the side to the attractive beach for a swim.

6. Explore the wonders of Mystic Mountain

Also in the town of Ocho Rios the exciting Mystic Mountain offers a full day of adventures in Jamaica. Mystic Mountain is one of Jamaica’s newest attractions that take you to the depths of a rainforest. Enjoy thrilling rides through the canopy of trees or zip line down this mountain side attraction. While these rides provide an exciting adrenaline rush, you will see incredible views of Ocho Rios and its surroundings.

7. Go Snorkeling at Stingray City

Swim or snorkel with the stunning stingrays at Stingray City. Located in Oracabessa, St. Mary, you can have fun with the playful stingrays. Snorkel, pet, observe or feed these sea creatures as you learn how to handle them. 

8. Bask in the Beauty of Hope Botanical Gardens

Nestled on the cool plains of St. Andrew, you can relax in the beauty of Hope Botanical Gardens. This green oasis spreads across 200-acres of lush tropical bliss. Explore the landscapes of this garden which is the largest in the Caribbean to see the many native plants and animals of the island. Stroll along Palm Avenue to admire the oldest set of trees in the world, upon reaching the end of the avenue a small zoo with some amazing animals awaits you.

9. Take a Boat Bide Along Black River

The wonderful and longest river in Jamaica offers you great adventures while on the island. Take a safari boat ride along Black River in laid-back St. Elizabeth and enjoy the natural scenery around Jamaica’s south coast. Cruise through six miles of wetlands, while the crocodiles lay by the water edge. This area is also filled with many of birds which makes it a great place for bird watching. 

10. Go Rafting Down the Martha Brae River

Adventures in Jamaica holds no abound. Take an exciting raft tour of Martha Brae River and bask in the views of Jamaica’s historic parish, Trelawny. Situated between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, you can catch the river raft at Rafter's Village, which is a recreational facility. Rafting on the Martha Brae is one of the outdoor activities you will certainly enjoy while on the island. The raft glides down a three-mile stretch of the river, as you learn about the legend of Martha Brae or just enjoy a refreshing swim in the river.

Nothing says summer like enjoying adventures in Jamaica. Experience the great outdoors and enjoy your favorite activities under the Caribbean sun.


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