Teeing Off in Puerto Rico


Teeing off in Puerto Rico is an incredible way to enjoy you Caribbean vacation. The island of Puerto Rico offers a tropical oasis that has something unique just for you. And when it comes to golfing on the island, you will enjoy a game of golf without any compromise. Very adventurous as golf course in Puerto Rico comes in all levels and ranges. Choose from over 23 pristine golf courses with most of them being of championship status while the alluring beauty of Puerto Rico covers you tropical bliss.

Golfing in Puerto Rico is immensely wonderful as it offers you the opportunity to play or practice your skills along the lovely greens that surround the island. Golf courses are found at almost every resort with most of them offering world-class amenities. A fun-filled tropical golf vacation in Puerto Rico provides fabulous tee-off spots where you can swing into the 18-holes. Nothing compares to the golf havens of Sol Melia Paradisius Coco Beach Resort, Cayo Largo Resort or El Legado Golf Resort which summonses you to explore its legendary greens any time of day.

Tee Off! © by Zach Heller Photography

The greatest element of these golf courses is that they are sparklingly gorgeous as the sit on the lovely town of Dorado, northeastern Puerto Rico. Beyond the adorable greens in Dorado, you can also tee-off at Cerromar Beach Golf Course. This golfing hotspot is where you can swing in tune with the prized layouts that is designed for beginners or skilled golfers. An 18-hole that sprawls across 7000-yards of splendor as it stretches to the coastline. With you being so near the ocean you will be challenge by the winds that sometimes can be powerful.

teeing off towards the sea © by Barkaw

Most of the hottest golf courses in Puerto Rico offer manicured layouts that are part of its rich landmark. With unique fairways and holes ranging from 12 to 18, you can ponder through the different realms of golf course. From lakeside obstacles to forested areas, you can tee-off along the signature uphill courses that ends up in a beautiful hot spot. After you game you can relax and enjoy evening scenes along the coastline as the golden sun sets over the horizon.

Feel the tropical breeze as you swing to the delight of family or friends as they keep the scores. Simply put, tee-off in Puerto Rico on your next vacation to the Caribbean, as with each visit of their stunning greens will get better at your game.