Surfing the Soup Bowl


Soup BowlThe Soup Bowl is located in Bathsheba, Barbados and is the famous bubbly surfing spot of the beautiful island. Many local and international surfing competitions have been held there and is often regarded as one of the best areas to surf, in this region of the Caribbean.

The Soup Bowl is naturally a rugged coastline in Barbados, where you can enjoy fresh air or surfing the revitalizing body of water to refresh the soul. It is beautiful, wide sandy beaches stretch along a remarkable coastline of unusual rock patterns. The rolling waves against these rocks create the foamy effects of this area. When you arrive at the Soup Bowl you will see a huge diamond shaped boulder, which is said to have washed up on the beach, centuries ago.

On the easterly coast of the island is where you will find the Soup Bowl, this surfing mecca of the Caribbean is actually one of many Bathsheban water pools on the island. Boasting some of the most commanding and biggest waves, the bubbly surfs at the Soup Bowl is a hot spot for any surfer.

Surfers from far and near come to enjoy surfing activities at the Super Bowl, because of its steady large rollers of coastal waters from the Atlantic Ocean. Barbados is a coral island, which has a beach for every day of the year; its fabulous coastline provides unlimited surfing surroundings to guarantee the best surfing exploits along their shores.

Surfing the Soup Bowl Barbados in recent times has become surfer’s haven and because of its location in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, the waves allow you to ride them for a long period of time. If an enlarged waves comes from a northern to western direction, or from east to south at the Soup Bowl you will have a great surfing venture, at any given time of the year.

Once the surf is up, the Soup Bowl offers amazing waves structures in comparison to the shores of Hawaii. As it faces the east, the wind is the main reason behind these spectacular waves. But you need to be very careful if you are not familiar with these waters; during peak surfing season winds from the shoreline is quiet strong and at this time the waters become too rough to surf in.

Surfing waves at the Soup Bowl can be fun, but the best surfing time is when the tides are low. While surfing at the Soup Bowl, you will experience waves break at about 7 feet along the path of a rock shelf protruding out towards the ocean. But the best wave break of all is at the northern end of the Soup Bowl.

Huge and rolling waves are the characteristic that makes the Soup Bowl so popular for your surf vacation. Visit the island during the month of November and enjoy the waves of this island paradise. Please note that swimming at Soup Bowl can be very dangerous, as the tides will rip you apart.

While there you may be excited to walk into the ocean over the flat coral reefs, this is very unsafe as incoming waves can drag you out to sea with their strong undertows. Do not let this deter you from enjoy your surfing at the Super Bowl. The unbelievable waves will have you visiting the island every August to November for its marvelous wonder.

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