St. George’s Bermuda


St. George’s or the Town of St. George is situated on the island of Bermuda on the northern tip. An amazing gateway into the rich history of the island, St. George’s was the first settlement on Bermuda. Although it is a small town, St. George offers you an insight into its historical value that is found along the streets and avenues in the town. Over the years the town has remained untouched and beautiful as it was once the capital sit of Bermuda until 1815.

Not only did St. George’s participate in an essential position in the island’s history, it also helped to shape part of the United States as well. This was the main doorway for British settles to migrate to Virginia and to the Americas southeast area before US independence. Today, St. George’s remains an old English town that stands far from the economic boom of Hamilton. Take a stroll through the town to gives the rustic setting of its 17th to 19th century building that gives you a peek into their history.

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While on your tour you will notice that the houses, churches even the street lights have a unique design from centuries ago. Step back in time as you walk down Barber’s Alley or Aunt Peggy’s Lane as it reminds you of how the early settlers lived. The town of St. George’s is no boring historical object, but a vibrant place with its amazing museums, restaurants, charming pubs and shops. In the heart of the town lies the King’s Square, surrounded by the Town Hall and the Visitors Service Bureau. Stand in the square to view the replica stock; one is a ducking stool and the other a replica of gossiping women. In the days you will see locals recreating this entertaining performance in the square.

St. Peter

To the south of King’s Square is Ordnance Island. You can explore this isle by walking across the small bridge. While there see the imitation of the Deliverance ship that was shipwrecked by settlers, along with the bronze statue of their commander, Sir George Somers. Other interesting historical sites to visit are the old State House which was the first stone building and the oldest in Bermuda, the incomplete church and rectory of St. Peter’s which is also the oldest surviving Anglican church in the western hemisphere. Visit the Tucker House and the Bermuda National Trust Museum in St. George’s to view the historic displays of the island’s first settlers.

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St. George’s is a unique heritage site with its surrounding forts to include Castle Islands which remarkably reminds you of these British towns, Lyme Regis and Dorset.