Jamaica Spa Vacations


Spa VacationsStunningly natural haven, Jamaica Spa vacation will bring you to great places for relaxation. A perfect Jamaican spa vacation means getting away from all your worries to a serene place of pampering. Perfectly complimented by a massage or spa treatment, hotels and resorts in Jamaica are great for vacationers who need a little more rest and relaxation during their trip.

These hotels provide the best spa vacation options with a fabulous blend of ultimate treatments, services, amenities and facilities. Escape to the wonders of where you can rejuvenate, replenish, and relax with a varied balance of Jamaica spa vacations. With so many options, you can book a girl’s weekend, romantic getaway or soothing Jamaica spa package of your choice just for one.

Enjoy wonderful treatments, extraordinary cuisines, and to top it off the luxurious accommodations with amazing Jamaican scenes. Spa vacation in Jamaica leads you very quickly to a world-class resort or hotel with surroundings of an intimate feel and colors of fantastic attraction. Wrap yourself in the essence of historical setting as your choice of stays takes you to heavenly pleasures of tranquility.

Mostly located along Jamaica’s north coast, great spa vacation hotels and resorts is almost impossible to miss. The moment you enter any of these lodgings you feel the warmth and the friendly staff gently catering to your every need. The more exclusive ones provide a small and personal appeal that allows you to enjoy private sessions of unique taste.

The beach is always a few steps away as the inviting tables and sizzling massaging stones are ready to get you in the mood for a total spa healing. Smell the aromatic scents of healing herbs and spices as a friendly masseuse gently rub your body with warm oils to relaxation. Along with intriguing massages you can get your hair, face and just about anywhere else done.

Experience a different spa vacation in Jamaica, as hotels and resorts use lots of locally blend of allspice, fruits and herbs. Your spa treatment may start with a sugarcane body scrub followed by an array of exotic fruit blends. The cream from coconuts or other fruits provides a rich nourishment of soothing wraps, as you sleep in calm surroundings. You can also try a bath of Jamaican rose with other sweet-smelling flower petals. Ideal for a couple on a break from it all, this couple’s flowers bath for two will enhance the minds and allows time to rediscover each other.

Melt away all your troubles in a Cabbage Salt Glow and add a sauna heated bath for greater rejuvenation. After such a soothing retreat, you can enjoy exploring the various attractions and learn about some of Jamaica’s native herbs and spices. With the cool Caribbean breeze rushing through your being, you can play golf or tennis with spectacular views of the sea. There is a lot more to Jamaica Spa Vacations; boasting well equipped resorts or hotels, with great room decor, excellent dining options and a friendly staff, you will get excited just to choose one. You will also enjoy the swimming pools with small private spaces for couples. The sun-beds offer a haven to relax with a refreshing drink at hand.

Jamaica never seems too busy for a wonderful spa vacation, with lovely layouts of inviting designs; you are bound to enjoy the time spent. Relax if you feel like being lazy, and getaway from the pressures of everyday. Renew the senses and re-energize the body with a full range of spa services in Jamaica.

An intimate, fresh bowl of pleasures awaits you in Jamaica. Make your next spa vacation on the island of great adventures and enhance the benefits of your vacation by experiencing the pampering, revitalizing treatments of irie spa treatments.