Sizzling Summer Vacation Ideas


Sizzling Summer VacationLooking for some inspirational ideas for summer vacations will have you basking in a great family holiday venture, a romantic retreat or an unusual escapade just for you. These ideas for summer vacation are guaranteed to make you have an unforgettable time in the Caribbean, because they are filled with memories to last a lifetime.

The islands of the Caribbean have always been a hot destination for sizzling summer vacations. But it’s especially hotter this year because the islands have created new and enticing attractions to lure you to spend a few days among incredible settings plus other great attractions!

St. Lucia

Witness the power of nature and visit the island of St. Lucia. St. Lucia provides a great destination with exciting tours among tropical forest. Rediscover nature and enjoy scenic tours of mountain side fauna, while the attractive accommodations pamper you with fabulous spas and exotic foods. Don’t miss out on a hike to the beautiful Pitons as you can view most of the island from this point.

Trinidad & Tobago

Discover the beauty of the twin islands as the stunning landscape spark your interest with amazing scenes. Boasting a wide variety of history and culture Trinidad and Tobago has one of the oldest Amerindians settlements to explore. The islands are one of the best places to enjoy the vibrant carnivals of the region.


Treat yourself with a city break and visit the island of Barbados. Stay at Sandy Lane Resort and bask in the wonderful amenities while the exciting attractions invite you to plunge into the island’s playground. Barbados offers the best of both worlds; you can play and have fun at the famous Soup Bowl or dance the night away at any of St. Lawrence hip-strip venues. Enjoy the beautiful landmarks as the refreshing beaches tempt you to take a dip.   


Travel to the fantastic island of Jamaica and make your summer vacations a message to others. Jamaica is a classical summer hot spot where the fun never seems to end. With a vast amount of attractive beaches and exciting nightclubs to visit your sizzling vacation to Jamaica will keep you on your toes. Experience the unique settings of the parishes and enjoy the off-beaten path to amazing discoveries. While doing so enjoy the delicious jerk chicken or pork as you sip on cool coconut water.


Relive the charms of French and tropical cultures in Martinique. With all the beautiful flora and fauna, Martinique offers you the ideal destination to explore the scenic attractions of French colonial days and more. You will enjoy this colorful island as you wander around the lovely towns and cities. Take a tour of the many fabulous garden and museums that provide a glimpse into Martinique’s rich past.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is an astonishing destination to travel to this summer. A great idea for summer vacations, this Caribbean island allows you to have lots of fun under the tropical sun. Filled with historical building and amazing nature trails, you can enjoy touring the island while the stunning views take your breath away. Dominican Republic awaits your visit to spoil you with great shopping experiences.

Discover the islands of the Caribbean all over again as you explore every surprising corner.


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