Shopping in Jamaica


Shopping in JamaicaIndulge in the large malls, craft markets; even the informal area that plays a part in Jamaica’s shopping experiences. Depending on what or where you shop on the island, everything you need is here. Certain shopping areas in major cities and towns offer unique shopping experiences at bargain prices. While some offer fixed prices that, no matter how much you bargain you will not get a better price.

Vendors are found at almost every corner of Jamaican landscape, selling food, clothes and just about anything. Once you know where to get the best of what you are looking for, you will be amazed by the prices received. Most goods and services are fixed at a higher price, especially in the elite parts of the island. In the markets or from local retailers, these same goods and services sells for quick dollars, as you can give the price you wish to pay for the items and be on your way.

This saves time bargaining and walking around for some goods, but if you love the island’ markets and like to mingle with the locals, head straight to the downtown area of any town and have fun bartering for the best deals. Finding some great keepsake will be a treat as some of these off-the track shopping areas have some little tits bits that you have not seen in a while.

There is a way to go about shopping in these shopping areas and you must be in the company of someone who knows their way around. Don’t be fooled by their smiley faces, sellers know what you want and is willing to sell you the item even if it is too pricey. When approaching a vendor, simply ask nicely how much for the item you want, if it sound okay then you can buy and go. But if the price is high, start to walk off a bit, they will think you are not interested and start to give you a better deal. By this time, you can bargain a bit further until you have received the price you are willing to pay for the item.

After completing such a great bargaining act, you can quickly make your purchases and move on to your next victim. Have fun doing so but never over do it, as some of these vendors are stead-fast at their prices and will not budge.

Shopping in Jamaica is an out-of world experience by itself. Vendors peddle wares of all kinds, from locally made products to imported designer items, all at prices that may seen as a good deal. You will certainly find treasures worth bargaining for in Jamaica. You will admire the beautiful crafts, the paintings of local scenery to wood carvings of an exceptional nature on display, even purchase a few. You will also find duty free shops at the airports or in major towns and cities.

Duty-free shops are plentiful in Jamaica, and shoppers can save a few dollars if they pay for these goods in foreign currencies. American dollars are accepted everywhere, as well as major credit cards. Do not leave your valuable shopping items behind, as whatever gets your heart excited, you will need it with you.

Shopping in Jamaica means to be prepared to bargains and more bargains. If you decide to skip the bargaining process and head for goods at whatever cost the choice is yours. Just get the best of everything and do not forget the rum, plenty of fabulous souvenirs for friends, family members are waiting for you in Jamaica.

It is important to note, if you are uncomfortable with the main thoroughfare of shopping in the towns, you can indulge in the shopping malls and centers in any town or city. A fun Jamaican vacation will certainly enjoy a wonderful shopping experience. Just remember not to give up on a bargain and have fun shopping in Jamaica!