Sexy Caribbean Hotspots


There is no better way to enjoy the summer holidays than to visit some of the Caribbean sexiest hotspots. With a cold beer in hand and the refreshing waters caressing the toes, excite the body with exotic destination where you and your love can relax and revitalize from the stress of life. Take a swim as the water is always warm, no matter what time of year you visit; settle in a lovely villa that offers peace in the romantic setting with the ocean giving you breathtaking views. It’s all natural beauty as you prepared for what’s to come….for the two of you.

Provo, Turks and Caicos Islands
Beautiful, charming and sexy Providenciales frequently called Provo offers a true Caribbean allure as you explore the island. At the southern tip you will find the beautiful blue waters of Chalk Sound and the small cays that surround it which provides a sexy realm of unspoilt beauty. Take this off-beaten path to the untouched islets in Provo as it creates the perfect backdrop for unreserved thoughts. Visit other hotspots along the south such as Sapodilla Bay, Copper Jack, Discovery Bay, Turtle Tail and Long Bay as you will find many hidden coves and unique spots for two.

Chalk Sound © by timsackton

Negril, Jamaica
This is truly a sexy paradise as the casual town of Negril on Jamaica’s northwest coast invites you to miles and miles of pristine beauty. A setting of natural peace, you will immediately realize that you have arrived in paradise. The exotic flowers bloom among acres of greenery along the purest 7-miles of white sandy beach you have ever seen. Visit the cliff-hanging restaurant and cafes that is speckled around the town. All yours to discover, as the intimacy of the surroundings offer total seclusion as you embrace the elegance of Negril’s resorts that strikes a lovely romantic note. This is superb sexiness as the perfect ambiances cover your every imaginable activity to capture your heart as it soothes soul.

Negril Escape © by alfredmoya

Eleuthera Island, The Bahamas
Boasting exotic landscape out into the turquoise sea, Eleuthera is an isle lying about 50-miles of Nassau. It is very long and thin with attractive beaches on both sides, as the inner lands features rolling hills with spectacular view. Eleuthera is supper sexy because it has many lovely resorts that provide unique hot spots for two along its miles of unspoilt beauty. With lots of sunshine and small amount of rain during the winter months, Eleuthera is the destination to be for the crystal clear waters that hugs the pink sands, the charming colonial towns and the fields of succulent pineapple.

© by jeremyparr

Discover any of these sexy hot spot in the Caribbean on your nest romantic getaway for two and bask in the island’s unique culture and ambiance of natural backdrop that Mother Nature creates for you.