Being one of the most romantic islands in the Caribbean, Martinique is often chosen as the top destination to visit. This land of mystery and romantic pathways holds the beautiful and attractive town of Saint Pierre that was once the capital city of Martinique. Saint-Pierre is officially called the city of art and history. This town is sometimes called little Paris of the Caribbean and features a world of modern city amenities. The most fascinating feature of Saint Pierre is the vast amount of history and culture that is embedded in its buildings, cuisine and residents.

The first settlements to this area were in 1635, and by the twentieth century the city had grown to hold more than 30,000 residents. However, the nearby mountain named Mount Pelee erupted years ago causing the deaths of the entire town, except for a man that was in an underground jail. Saint Pierre offers many impressive attractions for you to enjoy like the gorgeous and relaxing seaside villages. The spectacular natural area of Mount Pelee remains one of its main attractions, take a guided tour of the mountain and receive breathtaking views of the city. The harbor is another outstanding place not to miss when visiting this area.

Diving in the harbour is a very popular and you will see lots of ship wrecks beneath its waters to explore. Other places of interests to visit are the art museum of Paul Gauguin that features the displays of the French artist works, books and notes of his life. The Ceron Plantation is an old 17th century site that is home to the remnants of a sugar mill, there is also a restaurant on site that serves delicious local cuisines. Visit the amazing island of Martinique and be dazzled by its natural and unspoilt beauty and be sure to visit many of their attractions to make your vacation a memorable one.

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