Sailing and Yachting in Jamaica


Sailing in JamaicaSail or yacht away to a fun-filled adventure in Jamaica. With just the right settings for a great sailing or yachting the lovely waters of Jamaica, is where you can experience almost perfect conditions for an exciting time.

Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island that attracts visitors from all over the world to bask in their culture, sun, beaches, unique cuisines and reggae music. Known to lure sailors or yachtsmen to these waters, Jamaica has plenty of interesting sailing spots to explore. Many sailors select the type of boat they wish to sail in; yachts are luxury craft’s containing a single hull, which can be small or large. While sailing boats are noticeable by their two hulls. These boats tend to go fast and are easy to handle.

Excellent island options for sailing in Jamaica’s waters, especially in the northeastern areas, provides a warmer atmosphere and little cays that offer the perfect breather to visit. If you are looking for a day of sailing, have fun choosing the ideal ride and hop on a boat as you courageously sail around the island.

Explore the beautiful and untouched South Coast of Jamaica on an exciting sailing or yachting tour. Relax as you travel in a cool atmosphere of stunning coastlines. Your knowledgeable guide will tell you stories of every location you pass through. The coastlines also provide great views of mangroves and inviting waters to take a dip in. Explore the inner channels of Jamaica and view wildlife in their natural habitat.

Experience an unforgettable day of fun and sun aboard a yacht, and set sail from a beach as you cruise along the deep blue of wonders of Jamaica. Find a perfect spot while sailing and stop for awhile, go for a swim or snorkel in the warm colorful waters to see an array of exciting marine life. Return to the boat for an enjoyable refreshment of rum and coconut water.

As you sail pass the amazing hills and numerous waterfalls, you are greeted with a spectacular lush tropical rain forest. Sail on with the sounds of reggae and soca beats as a party of fun starts. Taste Jamaica’s sailing and yachting pleasures for a special opportunity to blend romance and party vibes with a very unique experience. The impressive tropical landscape and fabulous sunset set the stage or memorable evening.
Chartered and personal boats can sail into any harbors around Jamaica, while yachts tend to stay a bit off-shore. You can rent a yacht while in Jamaica, and choose from a bare-boat, skippered bare-boat, or crewed charter. If you are good at sailing and familiar with Jamaican marine rules and regulations you can choose a charter bare-boat. You will need to show proof of credentials.

There are two types of charter bare-boat, voyage charters and demise charters. On a voyage charter, the owner of the boat stays aboard during the trip, but charterer is always in full control of the vessel. While the demise boat owner does not stay on board. Nevertheless, you may choose your own type of sailing or yachting boats to your liking.

Sailors and Yachtsmen love to have a good time when on the seas, but amenities, such as auto pilot function, GPS systems, stereos and cell phones. Provide a great wealth of comfort as you sail through Jamaican waters. Bring plenty of food and cool beverages and remember you are responsible for everyone aboard your vessel until you are back on land. Be safe and have an exciting voyage around the island of Jamaica.

Sail the clear blue waters of Jamaica and enjoy your sailing experience to the fullest, just the way you want it. Dance to the pulsating beats of the island as you set sail along the beautiful coastlines of Jamaica.