Routes With Views: Scenic Caribbean Drives


From back roads to scenic drives with crisp air, the Caribbean has its fair share of routes with beautiful views. If you want your car or a train to be the ticket to discovering the islands’ lush mountains and green valleys, here are five of our favorite scenic routes. For when you want to explore the island’s beautiful thoroughfares.

1. St. Kitts Scenic Railway, St. Kitts

The St. Kitts Scenic Railway is a three hour tour on sightseeing buses or by a narrow gauge train around the island. This unique island tour will give you a beautiful view around the island while enjoying complimentary specialty drinks in air-conditioned seats. The railway tour is a fascinating way for you to see the beautiful island from the comfort of luxury rail cars.

2. Macouba, Martinique

Macouba provides a spectacular starting point for an impressive 6 mile drive in Martinique. This route will let you enjoy beautiful groves of giant bamboos, towering cliffs with drapes of vines, and elegant ferns. At the end of the journey at the foot of the high cliffs, you will reach the picturesque Grand Rivière, a colorful fishing village.

3. Fig Tree Drive, Antigua

Fig Tree Drive is Antigua’s most picturesque drive, threading its way from the low central plain up into the ancient volcanic hills. “Fig” is the Antiguan name for bananas and the road is lined with the greenest banana trees. The road will also take you through an area of lush vegetation including mango, and coconut groves, before descending to the coastline again. Along the way you will even get to see a few old sugar mills and quaint little churches.

4. La Ruta Panoramica, Puerto Rico

Consisting of dozens of roads and stretching more than 150 miles, La Ruta Panoramica, or the Panoramic Route, is a network of roads running through the mountains and valleys of central Puerto Rico. This scenic drive is regarded as the most beautiful stretch of Caribbean road. La Ruta Panoramica will give you the opportunity to explore and see the majestic countryside of Puerto Rico from behind the wheel.

5. Fern Gully, Jamaica

Fern Gully
Established in 1907 when an earthquake destroyed one of Ocho Rios’ eight rivers, Fern Gully is a 3 mile lush green scenic stretch of winding road running from Ocho Rios to the community of Colgate. Fern Gully winds through a rocky gorge of over 500 different varieties of tropical ferns, tall Blue Mahoe, trumpet and banana trees forming a shady tunnel of lush greenery. While driving through this scenic road only faint dapples of sunshine will penetrate through the thick foliage.

If you’re planning a scenic trip, choose your route not only drives, but also around the activities you want to enjoy.

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