Romantic Vacations Idea St Johns


Romantic Vacations IdeaThere’s something truly romantic about islands. Perhaps it’s the glorious sunsets or the inviting beaches. Maybe it’s the music that floats toward you on soft, warm Caribbean breezes. Whatever the magic is, the Caribbean islands are perfect romantic destinations. St John, US Virgin Island must be one of the romantic places in the world, as the island has more diversity than the other islands in the region.

Whether you take a cruise to St. John or choose an all inclusive resort to relax and enjoy each other's company in, the island offers awesome romantic spots to pamper you with a lovely destination. Imagine your days in St. Johns scuba diving or surfing in the morning, hiking through the slopes in the afternoon, then stargazing in the evening. Or maybe you could tour some of the historic attractions in the morning, lounge on the beach in the afternoon, and enjoy a candlelit dinner for two in the evening.

To start with, the island only has a few inhabitants that permanently live on the island; therefore if you want seclusion, you can find it. Taking a hike on one of nature trails to see beautiful fauna and wildlife, you might end up in a cove with white soft sand where you can relax as the waves comes and pick you up. If that is not to your liking, stay at the hotel and visit the beach with your partner.

Romantic Vacations Idea1Take a picnic basket which can be bought at the hotel, or get a bit adventurous, and take one from a local restaurant. St. Johns is a romantic destination that you will return to over and over again and have a completely different vacation each time. On the island you will find great shopping ventures, delectable restaurants, beaches and exciting attractions.

Romantic Vacations Idea2When you and your partner feel as if you are the only two on the island, all this makes St. Johns a romantic place to be. So sit back, relax, grab a coffee or tea, and check out some of the options for your St. Johns vacation!