Road Trip Caribbean Highlights


Forget crowds of the city and untie the wonders of the Caribbean on an exciting road trip on the islands. Unforgettable road trips in the Caribbean will make you enjoy your vacations, as you will explore and discover the amazing destinations with famous sightseeing spots. With its breathtaking views of the extraordinary Jarabacoa waterfalls or Cayo Levantado in Dominican Republic or stunning Blue Mountains in Jamaica; you are bound to catch a peek of captivating sight along the way. So, for adventures in the Caribbean, take a road trip to the islands with fantastic spots for sightseeing tours.

Take a trip to the heart of Dominican Republic to bask in the beauty of Jarabacoa region with its gorgeous waterfalls. Perhaps the Alps of the Caribbean, this refreshing set of cascading waterfalls are a great spot for mountain biking and exploring the nature trails. There are 3 waterfalls to explore, the magnificent Salto Jimenoa Uno, El Salto de Baiguate and Salto Jimenoa Dos. Climb the 196-feet falls for an incredible view to see the cool waters rushing over the rocks into the huge pools below. You can also go river rafting on the nearby Yaque del Norte River.

Drive along the coast of Trinidad and Tobago for a scenic tour. Tour the smooth highways past the sweeping valleys with sugar plantations, cool rivers and towering peaks that beckon you for a hike, such as San Fernando. Soak in the aquamarine waters of the Bahamas while you check-out the wonderful marine life below. Occasionally you will admire the friendly stingrays or dolphins that swim with you.

Explore the historic district of Puerto Rico’s colonial zone in old San Juan. Embark on a journey to the hidden treasures of this old city that quietly sneak upon you at every corner. Stroll through the cobblestone streets as you view the historic buildings La Fortaleza or Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, which contains the tomb of the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León. Moreover a trip to Puerto Rico would not be complete without a hike toe the rainforest of El Yunque, just a 45 minutes drive for the old city.

Every island offers peaceful surroundings as it gives you a chance to relax while experiencing the fun adventures. Excellent restaurants, superb beaches and entertaining bars are just minutes away. Stay in one of the many hotels or resorts that provide the unique setting to explore the island’s on an exciting road trip.

The Caribbean is worth visiting as you pass through the diverse yet very attractive islands that will surely capture your attention and would make you want to stay a bit longer.