Relax and Explore La Savane


la savaneKnown as the Island of Flowers, Martinique is sprawling with lots of faunas and flora that are waiting for you to explore. Enjoy a bit of France in the Caribbean as you step on the island. Boasting lots of wonderful scenic beauty, Martinique is home to countless varieties of plants, trees and flowers, including beautiful orchids. The spectacular coastlines with secluded bays and lovely coves, provides unique miles of sandy beaches for you to play and swim all day long.

Martinique also features lots of exotic gardens for you to visit on your trip and one of the most beautiful gardens for you to explore is the gorgeous La Savane Gardens. Take a tour of the buildings and the garden, as the rich tropical flowers and natural sculptures, makes a holistic appeal to every visitor.

La Savane Gardens is a 12½ acre park located on the Fort-de-France Bay. Formerly known as Jardin du Roi or garden of the king, La Savane main purpose was to perform harbor scientific experiments on plants that were new to the region at that time. La Savane Gardens is very large, and you will not be able to explore it all in one trip. This means that you will have something more to discover the next time around when you are in the region. This magnificent attraction boasts various attractive architectural sites for you to explore as you stroll around for a while and enjoy the beauty of the garden.

La Savane will also allow you to relax among the beautiful blooms, swaying palms and decorated pathways. Explore the paths that intertwine through the lovely garden settings or relax among the many species of tropical trees and flowers, including anthuriums and bromeliads. Smell the scent of the gardens as the views of the bay of Fort-de-France beckon you to explore more.

The beautiful garden has no fence as it faces the Caribbean Sea. On the east side of the garden, you will discover the wonderful attraction of Fort Saint-Louis where you can go and enjoy the beautiful views. Within the garden, you will also find the magnificent statue of Josephine Tascher de La Pagerie, former Empress of France and the first wife of Napoleon, who was also born on the island. This beautiful garden is the perfect place for relaxing as you will find lots of benches and the cool breeze from the sea will caress your mind and body.

Two other beautiful features of the garden are the Domaine Château Gaillard and the Jardin de Balata. Jardin de Balata is a beautiful botanical garden that is placed in a rain forest setting, and it will offer you the perfect setting for you to relax. When you visit Domaine Château Gaillard you will discover that it is one of the most incredible places on the island to enjoy as well.

So if you are someone who loves nature and flowers La Savane Gardens will be the ideal spot to explore!

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