Puerto Rico Hiking And Biking Vacations


Puerto Rico2In Puerto Rico you will find a surplus of exciting adventures, as the island is known for its diverse mecca for adventure holidays in the Caribbean. For extreme sporting holidays, Puerto Rico is where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes while interacting with nature.

You will love the bird’s eye view from the same position as the birds. For not-so-wet adventures, you can venture across acres of dry land at Guánica Dry Forest Reserve. While there you will come across over 600 species of rare plants and unique fauna as well as endangered species. This dry forest also serves as a retreat for hikers and bikers, as it dapper trails ranging from easy to rugged. Even though it is a small area, Guánica is quite diverse, offering opportunities to swim, hike and bike within a few miles.

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Located just north of Ponce, the Toro Negro Forest is where you can hike to the 3,650-feet top of Pico Doña Juana. Offering hiking trails at varied levels of challenges, this 7,000-acre reserve is where Puerto Rico’s highest peak Cerro de Punta is found. Situated in the central mountain region, this hiking spot offers endless views of most of the island and the seas beyond.

You will be able to take a dip in the natural hot springs that occur during the year or swim in the large freshwater pool at the Doña Juana Recreational Area and hike the trail that leads to the 200-foot Doña Juana Falls. All the trails in the Toro Negro Forest are rustic and often slippery, so wear suitable hiking gears. Located within Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Preserve in Fajardo, the El Faro hiking trail is a nature-lover’s paradise.

While the Guajataca Forest is located in the northwestern region near Arecibo, hike or bike along its 25 miles of beautiful trails as it takes you through the flora and fauna of a humid subtropical ecosystem. Truly a memorable experience, you will see the Karsts limestone, which dissolve into the water providing a wonderful mineral bath.

Puerto Rico Hiking And Biking Vacations

Hiking and biking vacation in Puerto Rico combines the joy of solitude as the natural sites on the island greet you with excitement of seeing a rare and unusual topography.